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Digestive disorders in dogs may seem trivial, but they are not to be taken lightly. Characterized by symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting or constipation, these pathologies can be caused by an intolerance or a food allergy, for example.

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Dog digestion: the disorders and various ailments that exist

Rather annoying, digestive disorders in dogs are very common. Among them, we find constipation, diarrhea or vomiting. The causes of these symptoms are many and varied, and can be from a parasitic infection, a simple allergy or a more serious illness. If in doubt about the state of health of your four-legged animal, we recommend that you contact one of our veterinarians, who will be able to guide you perfectly to the best alternatives. When a dog is having difficulty digesting, you should first take a look at the quality of their diet. Complete kibbles exist and can occasionally relieve your little companion. Natural detoxifiers are essential in herbal medicine for the digestion of the dog. Their components are ideal for giving a real boost to its probiotic flora. It also plays a key role in your animal's digestion process since it has the power to neutralize the production of toxins while improving the assimilation of nutrients essential for its proper development.

What are our solutions?

Demeter offers you effective natural products to help relieve your pets from ailments related to their digestion. For the preparation of our veterinary products for digestive disorders in dogs, we rely on the contributions of various elements taken from nature. Probiotic plants, natural excipients and many others that can help regulate your pet's intestinal transit and restore its metabolism, are used in the development of our nutritional supplements. Our goal is above all to promote their well-being while relieving them in a natural and lasting way. We choose ingredients capable of fighting the growth of pathogenic bacteria, accelerating the elimination of toxins, acting on the immune processes or even desensitizing the dog's body in the face of allergies. Good to know: our veterinary herbal medicine laboratory makes a point of devising remedies with an excellent palatability rate for simplified ingestion. This prevents you from psychologically and physically forcing your pet to ingest a product that is not suitable for him. Herbal medicine for dog digestion from Labo Demeter also has the advantage of being without side effects. This point is a real asset for animals with digestive disorders. Thus, trace elements such as sulfur or magnesium are favored in the composition of our veterinary products for digestive disorders in dogs. The addition of artichoke extracts proves to be relevant due to their action on the kidneys and liver, facilitating the elimination of toxins.

Effective alternatives to relieve your dog

At Labo Demeter, we develop and test effective medicines for your pet. On our site, you will find a whole range of curative products intended for digestive disorders in dogs. These are presented as natural medicines with multiple benefits. To help you keep your dog in top shape, we choose natural ingredients that have the ability to strengthen their immune system without harming them. Unlike traditional veterinary medicine, which often involves side effects that affect the animal's well-being, the use of plants and other natural elements helps the body to heal more healthily. Our numerous customer testimonials attest to our expertise and the effectiveness of our veterinary products for digestive disorders in dogs. We develop and test our preparations in the laboratory, emphasizing the active ingredients that can act as an effective treatment against digestive disorders in your canine. Take advice now from our experts who can be reached by phone, email or chat on the site! You can also discuss all your questions on the Véto-conseil page, which allows you to obtain personalized recommendations.


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