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Cats, like all of our pets, are susceptible to digestive problems during their lifetimes. These can be caused by different factors, such as an allergy or food intolerance.
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Phytotherapic solutions intended for the digestive disorders of our little companions

Constipation, diarrhea or even vomiting are all symptoms of digestive ailments that can harm the well-being of our furry animals. Labo Demeter provides you with herbal preparations intended to relieve your animal of these disturbances. Through the development of these solutions in our laboratory in Spain, we highlight the benefits of plants and other components from nature on the organism of mammals. We focus in this direction on the active ingredients capable of acting as an effective remedy to treat digestive disorders in your animal.

To avoid subjecting our animals to more inconvenience ...

In order to effectively relieve digestive disorders in cats, we use, for example, the healing properties of artichoke, probiotics, revivable bacteria (brewer's yeast), natural excipients or even magnesium sulfate. . We choose to turn to these ingredients, because they are well known for their ability to treat the intestinal ailments of these pets without harming their health. When they are affected by these digestive disturbances our cats become very vulnerable. It is important not to overwhelm them further by giving them drugs that may subject them to harmful side effects. The preparations that we offer you at Labo Demeter are designed to relieve the ailments of your little companions without the harmful side effects to their health. For more information, contact us through the site chat!


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For Dogs and Cats . Natural detoxifier, desensitizer. Eczema, allergic dermatosis, itching, hair loss and digestive problems in dogs and cats. The effectiveness of a traditional product, Haarlem oil providing Sulfur...
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