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Equines are just as likely as other mammals to be affected by skin and hair diseases. Fortunately, these conditions, such as skin allergies or warts, can be treated by natural means.

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Solutions devoid of harmful effects on your pet's health

In order to help you ensure the health of your horse's skin tissue and coat, Labo Demeter presents, here, solutions devoid of harmful effects for his well-being. Manufactured in our laboratory in Spain, they contain elements drawn from the natural world: plant extracts, organic silicon or probiotics, among others. The different ingredients that make up our veterinary drugs are chosen for their benefits. They are what guarantee our products the effectiveness so much sought after when it comes to the treatment of pathologies affecting the horse and the strengthening of its immune system.

Compositions with multiple benefits are available to you!

Organic silicon is essential in the treatment of skin and hair problems in the horse because, over time, the horse may lack this element normally present in its body. The probiotic flora helps restore the intestinal health of the animal by better assimilation of the active ingredients of each ingredient. We also use other natural elements in the composition of our veterinary medicines, such as magnesium or sulfur. Already present in very small quantities in several tissues, including skin and hair, sulfur is very useful in improving certain allergic reactions. The same is true for magnesium. Symphytum offcinalis is also part of the elements we use in our solutions for its ability to accelerate the formation of new skin tissue cells.


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Natural food supplement for horse allergies Skin allergies (summer dermatitis), skin and hair problems, stimulates the growth of the horn. Digestive problems of food origin of the horse. Depurative, desensitizing,...
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Natural care for joints, tendons, skin problems and wounds in the horse Natural gel ointment for joints and tendons, effective among other things on evolving suros, its formula combines organic silicon with marine...
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