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We help you ensure the good health of your animals

Like you, we want our pets to be healthy throughout their lives. When we collect one of these hairy beasts in our home, we have a duty to ensure their well-being. This involves, for example, cleaning and maintaining it periodically. We must also ensure that their environment is comfortable and healthy. But more importantly, we need to be able to take care of them when they get sick, injured or show signs of anxiety. To do this, there are several solutions! Indeed, since we domesticate these animals, we humans have developed a drug for each condition that troubles our dog, for example. However, nowadays these remedies contain more chemicals and now involve multiple side effects which can be bothersome for these mammals.

Herbal medicine to overcome many annoyances

The Demeter Lab is coming forward with several offers that are listed as natural and effective solutions to treat various ailments that can affect your pet. Find a medicine for dogs with us if the dog shows signs of old age, joint, skin or coat problems, annoyances caused by worms, stress, and nervousness or poor digestion. It is important to be able to find the remedy best suited to the animal in question and the constraint encountered. This is why we have set up our online store where it will be easy for you to find yourself among our various herbal products. There, you can order a dog medicine concocted from multiple natural elements: plants, minerals, but also probiotics.

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