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Dogs food allergy is quite common, especially in puppies whose bodies are not yet mature enough to tolerate certain foods. Like allergies in humans, it is perfectly treatable if it is taken care of in time, and it is not mandatory to use chemicals from pharmaceutical laboratories to do so.

Labo Demeter offers you Labodem Piel, a complementary food for dog allergy.

traitement allergie alimentaire du chien

LABODEM PIEL for dog food allergy  

Natural products to care for pets

Treating a food allergy with herbal medicine remains an excellent solution to get your pet back on its feet. Treatment with plants or plant extracts, herbal medicine, has been shown to be effective both on humans and on pets to treat various inconveniences such as allergies and other diseases. Self-medication in animals is guided by their natural instincts. You have probably already noticed that cats and dogs eat certain herbs which they regurgitate afterwards to relieve digestive concerns. Chimpanzees and some monkeys also eat specific plants and tree bark to get rid of intestinal parasites.

Choosing a natural treatment to treat food allergy in your dog is therefore relevant. Other examples still exist and the observation of these habits, combined with herbal medicine and the use of other natural products and extracts, have allowed pharmaceutical companies to draw inspiration from them to find all kinds of natural remedies to treat the disease. 'Man and his pets. As a result of this research, it is no longer mandatory to use chemicals to relieve the inconvenience caused to your dog by a food allergy. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to take him to see a reliable therapist or veterinarian before giving him anything to treat him.

Nous vous conseillons d’opter pour un traitement naturel pour soigner l’allergie alimentaire de votre chien adapté à sa race et à sa morphologie pour obtenir des résultats efficaces sur le long terme. Labo Demeter met à votre disposition plusieurs références de qualité pour guérir l’allergie alimentaire chez le chien et favoriser son bien-être au quotidien. Pour garantir des effets positifs et préserver la santé de votre canidé, nous vous incitons à surveiller son alimentation et à ne pas lui donner de friandises ou de restes de table. 

We advise you to opt for a natural treatment to treat your dog's food allergy adapted to his breed and his morphology to obtain effective results in the long term. Labo Demeter provides you with several quality references to cure food allergy in dogs and promote their daily well-being. To ensure positive effects and preserve the health of your canine, we encourage you to watch their diet and not to give them treats or table scraps.

The main causes of food allergy and symptoms

Food allergy can occur at any age in dogs following the absorption of milk and derived products, beef, egg and its derivatives, fish, chicken, gluten, rice or many other meats. Preservatives and mites from the storage of dry food can also be the cause of this condition. Foods rich in protein are also among the products responsible for the symptoms. Sometimes the animal has an allergy to the plastic or metal bowl. It is therefore recommended to choose an earthenware or glass container. Digestive problems and variable skin signs appear: the dog scratches his face and lips, he can nibble or lick himself insistently on the paws. If inadequate feeding continues, symptoms are maintained and worsen. Note that the dog recovers slowly from this food allergy: indeed, it takes two to three months to fully recover.

Digestive problems and variable skin signs appear: the dog scratches his face and lips, he can nibble or lick himself insistently on the paws. If inadequate feeding continues, symptoms are maintained and worsen. Note that the dog recovers slowly from this food allergy: indeed, it takes two to three months to fully recover.

Treating the dog's food allergy with natural products

There are currently many natural products available to treat food allergies in dogs. Labo Demeter offers Endostim, a product based on Aloe Vera, extracts of grapefruit seeds, Chimera liver and Organic Silicon combined with probiotics. It stimulates and regulates in a natural way all the processes when the immune system is disturbed. Endostim is the ideal product to treat chronic viral and bacterial diseases, various forms of allergy, autoimmune diseases and cancers.

To cure food allergy in dogs, a three-month treatment is necessary. The prescribed doses must be respected to guarantee the effectiveness of the product. Labo Demeter has developed food supplements validated in the veterinary context to help you take care of your animals in the best conditions. In addition to a natural treatment to cure food allergy, it is imperative to remove all the allergenic ingredients responsible for this disorder. To find them out, an avoidance diet is recommended since it consists of removing foods to which your animal may be sensitive. Poultry and beef can easily be replaced by dishes made with fish or lamb which are known to be digestible and protein-rich. If left unchecked, eliminate foods containing grains or soybeans, which often cause food allergies in dogs.

It is possible to treat a food allergy with herbal medicine by opting for solutions that suit your dog's physical condition and his age. The natural treatments and care available on our site are free from side effects and have the advantage of being fully compatible with your pet's diet.

The philosophy of Labo Demeter is essentially based on a simple objective, that of helping our animals in the best possible way. That’s why we are constantly and throughout the year looking to significantly improve our product line. Our teams are committed to innovating on new preparations to meet all your expectations. If you need information, do not hesitate to contact us via the chat module on all of our online pages so that we can help you find a natural treatment to treat your dog or cat's food allergy. You can also contact us by email, post or phone as well as via our dedicated form on the veto-advice page !


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