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Allergy in the untreated horse can cause serious health problems. If you do not want to give chemical medicine to your pet, you can opt for the products of Labo Demeter which offers only remedies based on natural products to treat pets.

How to recognize the allergy in the horse?

The allergy in the horse can be caused by various elements: dust, food, drug products or cleaning products of the stable, plants, etc. The symptoms will vary depending on the allergen involved.

In case of contact allergy, that is, if the skin has been directly affected by the allergen, a rash or rash may appear in the area, and it may also be itchy that will cause it to scratch to relieve itself . Scratching can also make things worse and cause an open wound that can become infected.

In case of allergy to dust, food or swallowed products, coughing and difficulty breathing may occur. He may also have red and watery eyes and a runny nose. Breathing problems should be taken seriously if there are internal edema that could cause choking of the animal.

Treat the horse's allergies with natural products

In most cases, conventional treatments are used to treat allergic disorders in horses. But, if you prefer soft medicine, it is possible to use natural remedies developed by veterinary phytotherapists.

In principle, it is a preparation based on essential trace elements, which are recognized for their depurative and desensitizing properties. They are associated with minerals and microorganisms that promote the neutralization of toxins and the assimilation of essential food substances.

On the other hand, the respiratory allergies of the horse can be cured with syrup, whose components have bronchodilator and expectorant actions. This solution is often prepared with plant extracts and essential oils, as well as a mineral element acting as a potentiator of all the ingredients.

Innovative products for the well-being of your horse

Our natural skincare range includes innovative products to treat horse allergies:

Thus, for the treatment of skin allergies (dermatitis, summer dermatitis) and digestive disorders, we offer Hippo Haarlem, a nutritional supplement containing magnesium sulphate, sulfur, organic silicon and revivifiable beer yeast. This natural remedy eliminates toxins and organic waste, and actively combats allergic reactions. Presented in powder form, this specialty is flavored with vanilla, which facilitates its administration.

Acute and chronic coughs can be treated with Equitos, the gel syrup we have developed for the treatment of respiratory infections in horses. This formula contains extracts of grapefruit seeds (anti-infective and natural antibiotic), extracts of essential oils of pine and eucalyptus (expectorant and bronchodilator), 4CH drosera (antitussive) and organic silicon (prevents sclerosis) lung). This syrup has a pleasant taste, because we have chosen as excipients honey and guar gum.



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