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If you are looking for an anti-inflammatory product for dogs and you do not want to give them drugs that contain chemical components, you can opt for the one offered by Labo Demeter. The remedies of this laboratory are made only with natural products.

natural anti inflammatory for dogs
Anti-inflammatory for dog

Herbal medicine for pets

Wild animals' instincts often dictate which plants and items to eat to alleviate the various ailments they suffer from. On the other hand, our pets often have to be taken care of medically, their environment does not offer them the possibility of looking for what they would need to take care of themselves. Today we have the choice between natural products and products from the pharmaceutical industry to treat them.

Herbal medicine for animals is inspired by the behavior of wild animals as it uses the majority of plants and products used by wild species to heal themselves. Medicines such as the anti-inflammatory for dogs, cats and horses, however, also include other natural components intended to optimize their effectiveness. Also, side effects from herbal and natural remedy remedies are rarer than from chemical drugs. However, medical advice is always recommended before administering any medicine to an animal.

An anti-inflammatory to relieve your dog without adverse effects

Various factors have extremely harmful effects on the articular cartilages of dogs: overweight, lack of exercise, trauma or overwork for rescue, competition and hunting dogs, genetic predispositions, but especially aging.

Affected on the hips and the spine, your faithful companion on legs is less active, moves with a limp, is cranky ... If the veterinarian confirms the diagnosis, in addition to reviewing his diet in favor of a balanced and low-fat diet and to make him do exercises in order to regenerate the bone cartilage, give him the anti-inflammatory for dogs developed by Labo Demeter.

Based on organic silicon, this food supplement compensates for the decrease in this compound naturally present in the body. In the form of palatable tablets, this 100% natural treatment is easy to administer and has proven results in the restoration of cartilage and the relief of acute or chronic manifestations.

Labo Demeter, leader of natural veterinary products in Europe

Our range of veterinary care aims to guarantee the well-being and health of your domestic and farm animals. In addition to the anti-inflammatory for dogs, you can find products for preventing and curing infections and parasites in our online store.

Their innovative composition excludes any chemical ingredient, too often synonymous with side effects. Our treatments, whose effectiveness has been validated by extensive tests on different animal species, only involve natural elements with recognized virtues, in particular Harpagophytum extract or Perna Canaliculus.

In order to offer you gentle management of a growing number of pathologies, and to keep your dear pets in good health as long as possible, we continue to devote significant resources to research and development.

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