Cat arthritis : which medicine to use?

Osteoarthritis in cats is a condition that can be prevented and treated if taken care of with the right treatment. If you are looking for a natural medicine without major side effects to relieve your pet, Labo Demeter is a specialist in herbal medicine and natural care products for pets.

médicament naturel arthrose du chat
Canisil pour l'arthrose du chat

Cat arthritis : causes and consequences

In both humans and animals, osteoarthritis is a condition that mainly affects the cartilages of the joints. There can be several causes for this pathology, however, the most common is aging. However, deficiencies in the elements that are used for growth and fortification of bones can also cause this disease, as well as lack of physical exercise.

In cats, osteoarthritis is mainly a sign of old age. As painful as it is crippling, this disease appears with age, usually around 6 or 7 years of age. The degradation of bone cartilages causes pain that makes certain movements particularly painful. However, it is possible to prevent or delay the onset of this pathology by taking measures recommended by the veterinarian. Once the disease has set in, the latter will also be able to advise you on an appropriate treatment to relieve the animal. Today there are medicines made from natural products that give excellent results.

Signs that show your cat is suffering from osteoarthritis

It is by observing his behavior that you will be able to detect the signs of osteoarthritis in your cat :

    • - The animal no longer wants to go out and hunt, and shows no enthusiasm for games

    • - He becomes irritable and avoids caresses

    • Its locomotor function is markedly reduced: difficulty in climbing on and off furniture, etc.
  • - He has trouble washing and reaching his litter box, which can lead to dirtiness.

Relieve pain and make the cat's life easier

If you have noticed a change in your cat's behavior, you will need to take the few steps to relieve the pain and improve his daily comfort. For example, you have to adapt his environment: install an easy-to-access litter box, softer beds and objects that can help him climb, put his bowls on the ground and brush his hair regularly.

Pour les douleurs, vous pouvez lui administrer des compléments nutritionnels afin de retarder le processus de vieillissement et protéger au mieux le cartilage.

For pain, you can give it nutritional supplements to delay the aging process and better protect the cartilage.

Organic silicon, proven efficacy against osteoarthritis in cats

Silicon deficiency is often the root cause of bone and joint problems in older cats. It is thus necessary to compensate for these with food supplements based on natural products.

It is for this reason that, at Labo Demeter, we have designed Vétosil, a product based on pure organic silicon. Known for its beneficial effects on joint cartilage, elastin in arteries and collagenous tissue in the skin, this mineral actively contributes to the fight against osteoarthritis.

Our passion for natural medicine has allowed us to develop innovative products intended to ensure the well-being of pets such as cats, dogs and horses.




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