Cure dog osteoarthritis with natural medicines

Osteoarthritis in dogs is a condition that affects the joints of animals. As painful as it is crippling, it is a progressive disease which can however be treated effectively if it is taken care of in time. At Labo Demeter you will find various natural remedies to treat your cats, dogs and horses.

cure dog osteoarthritis natural medicine
Canisil for dog artrosis

Natural remedies also work for animals

It is obvious that medicines made from natural products can only be effective on animals. Many of them who live in freedom and in a favorable environment find on their own the plants and products they need to alleviate minor health inconveniences, guided by their instinct. Some roll in the mud to relieve the itching, others use various parts of specific plants (roots, flowers, leaves, bark) to get rid of internal parasites or to manage digestive problems. In fact, many veterinary and human pharmaceutical companies have been inspired by their behavior in the design of various remedies.

It is therefore possible to treat osteoarthritis in dogs with natural medicines, which are all the more safe since they have very few or no side effects. However, since the disease is progressive, early management is required to stop its progression and limit the damage.

Causes and Symptoms of Osteoarthritis in Dogs

Osteoarthritis affects 20% of dogs and is the most common cause of chronic pain in the canine world. The causes of this deterioration of the joint can be degeneration due to age, it is primary osteoarthritis, a malfunction of the joint as with dysplasia for example, it is secondary osteoarthritis, a trauma such as a fracture, obesity since the dog is overweight, the joints will be too stressed. And finally, the predisposition of certain breeds such as the Labrador or the German Shepherd.

For symptoms, the dog will start by reducing its activity. We can also detect stiffness or difficulty getting up after a period of rest. Then, a limp will appear. When osteoarthritis starts to become severe and causes more acute pain, the dog will start to complain, to lick the affected joints. At this point, the animal may start to be aggressive for fear of pain and there may be danger of biting, especially with children. We come to the stage of acute attacks of osteoarthritis which, if the disease is not treated, will become chronic.

Treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs

Once the disease appears, it cannot disappear, it is very important to detect it as soon as possible in order to be able to treat the dog in time.

He will be given nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to limit the pain and prevent chronic pain, watch his weight and make him exercise every day, but without straining. The ideal is to make it work.

Food and food supplements are also essential for maintaining a dog's health. This is why, at Labo Demeter we have developed CANISIL, a food supplement that combines the benefits of organic silicon on cartilage, the ability of the probiotic flora to increase the assimilation of essential nutrients with a significant contribution of vitamin B, contributions in essential fatty acids of Perna Canaliculus and the analgesic and antirheumatic effects of Harpagophytum.

cure dog osteoarthritis natural medicine
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