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Lameness in dogs is a symptom that can have several causes and hide more serious concerns. It is not to be taken lightly and sometimes requires quick management. The veterinarian can then recommend an adequate treatment to relieve the animal. Medicines based on natural products can also be used to do this..

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Nature at the service of animal health

The adage that "nature does things well" surely was not invented for nothing. Indeed, nature gives us everything we need to heal ourselves. She did the same for animals, so many of them are able to find the plants and elements they need in their environment to heal themselves.

Thus, we can see different species of monkeys using tree bark to prevent and treat malaria, other animals swallow leaves and roots to purge themselves, treat digestive discomfort or get rid of intestinal parasites. It also has those who roll in the mud to shed parasites on their water and relieve itching.

Veterinary pharmaceutical companies have been inspired by these behaviors to design drugs based on natural products to relieve inflammation and various ailments that could cause lameness in dogs.

What Are the Causes of Lameness in Dogs?

The causes of lameness in dogs are various. It can happen suddenly, for example, following an accident, but it could also happen gradually. Lameness can be muscle-related, but it can also be linked to disease.

If your dog is limping from an accident, he is probably suffering from a fracture, strained muscle, tendonitis (torn tendon), dislocation of the kneecap (the kneecap sticking out of its location), or still from a ruptured cruciate ligaments in the knee. If bleeding occurs, see a veterinarian immediately.

A dog that limps can also suffer from osteoarthritis. It is a disease causing the progressive degeneration of the cartilage in a dog's joint. Osteoarthritis can affect the joints in the knees, elbows, shoulders and hips. And it results in pain during movement. This disease mainly affects older dogs and those who are overweight. It is irreversible, but there are still treatments available to make life more comfortable for the dog and to slow the progression of the disease.

Lameness: natural remedies to treat your dog

Labo Demeter has natural care for lameness in dogs. If your pet is limping from a joint problem or osteoarthritis, try our herbal products. We offer natural and effective remedies to help your dog.

You will find among our products the Canisil. It is a nutritional supplement that works effectively to relieve lameness in dogs, and also to prevent various joint problems. The organic silicon present in this product protects and repairs the articular cartilages, as well as the tendon structures of the dog.

Our natural remedies have no side effects.

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