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Pimples in horses can be symptoms of more or less serious equine diseases. In case of itching on the horse's body, they can be treated with natural products which will make them disappear and will also relieve the animal. Thus, Labo Demeter offers a 100% natural drug to treat horse pimples, Hippo Haarlem.

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Natural remedies for minor ailments in animals

Many animals that live in the wild find the medicines they need to treat themselves, prevent or relieve minor health problems in their natural environment.

So, while some people know exactly which plants to use, and which parts of plants to use to kill their internal parasites, others know how to choose which ones will help them calm their digestive concerns or their allergic reactions. When it comes to pimples, they are usually caused by parasites that stick to their skin. While some will then rub against specific plants to get rid of them, others will opt for mud baths.

The behavior of animals in their natural environment has thus enabled scientists to create natural remedies for pets. This is how it became possible to opt for herbal medicine to treat pimples in the horse and the ailments that can cause pustules to appear on his skin.

Origin and evolution of horse buttons

The causes of pimples in horses are numerous: they can result from an allergy, friction due to an ill-fitting harness, a parasitic or bacteriological infection (pyogens). Insect bites and fungi can also cause these skin problems. Pimples can also result from a poor environmental condition (humidity, heat, etc.), a weakened immune system or a metabolic problem.

Horse pimples can get worse when the skin is weakened by parasites or repeated rubbing. If no treatment is applied, sores can form due to frequent scratching. The presence of bacteria (staphylococci, streptococci or dermatophilus) causes pus to form and lesions to appear. The affected areas are often depilated, sensitive and edematous. If pyoderma is not treated properly, it causes deep infections that extend into the dermis, causing abscesses that develop into boils. These purulent pustules coalesce and become severe skin ulcers leading to depression of the horse.

Natural solutions to fight against pimples on horses

To prevent the appearance of pimples on the horse, it is recommended to maintain good hygiene by regularly cleaning the environment and the equipment of your equine. Remember to disinfect the boxes, litter and harness. If you use the same equipment for two or more horses, be aware that there is a risk of contamination.

To overcome horse pimples, you must first identify the cause of the condition in order to choose the most suitable natural product for an effective treatment. Labo Demeter offers a range of natural remedies validated for use on many animals in the veterinary context. Please do not hesitate to contact our online veterinarian for more information on the products and for expert advice based on the problems you are having.

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