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A cat scratching can do this for a variety of reasons which should be checked before giving it any medication or coating it with ointment. It is now possible to relieve your pet's itching with natural products such as those offered by Labo Demeter.

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Home remedies for itching in pets

If your cat is constantly scratching, it is recommended that you take him to see a veterinarian or a qualified therapist to find the causes and take the appropriate measures according to the condition. Medicines based on natural products are now available to treat them. Indeed, many laboratories have been inspired by the behavior of animals in their natural environment to design medicinal products intended for those who live in captivity or who are domesticated.

Animals that roam free in the wild often find the medicines they need in their environment. Many of them use their instincts to choose the plants and elements they need to get rid of internal parasites, to relieve their digestive discomfort or to prevent certain diseases caused by their diet. To get rid of external pests, others roll around in mud or on specific plants.

Flea-free cat scratching

If you have checked with a special flea comb that your cat does not have one or if you have already treated it and it continues to scratch, then it has contracted a dermatosis or eczema. Do not wait to treat it, as these diseases are particularly troublesome and can lead to infection and hair loss in the affected area.

Dermatoses and eczema can have several causes. However, with good nutrition, you can usually fix the problem fairly quickly. Indeed, if the animal's food has all the nutrients it needs for its metabolism, then its skin can effectively play its role of barrier against infections.

An effective solution is the administration in his traditional diet of a food supplement associated with probiotic flora.

Probiotic flora and food supplement

Microorganisms essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system, probiotics strengthen the intestinal mucosa which prevents the passage of bad bacteria, have an anti-microbial action, produce enzymes and antioxidants, help digest certain fibers and increase the absorption of fatty acids, proteins and minerals.

Wishing to bring the benefits of phytotherapy and natural medicine to our dear pets, at Labo Dermeter, we have designed a whole range of natural food supplements for cats, dogs, horses and donkeys.

Thus, to restore a cat who is scratching due to itching due to dermatosis or eczema, we have developed Labodem Piel, a food supplement based on probiotics associated with Haarlem oil (containing essential trace elements ) and artichoke extract to relieve itching and aid in detoxification.

With this supplement, at the rate of one tablet a day, your cat will stop scratching and recover within a few months.

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