What to do against dog itching?

Itching in dogs should always be taken seriously. You must take your animal to the veterinarian who will recommend a suitable medication. You can also consider treatment with natural products and go to a qualified therapist for advice.

Symptoms to watch out for in dogs

Just like in humans, itching in dogs is as unpleasant as it is annoying, even more so when it is in a place on the body that the limbs cannot reach. Regardless of the origins of this concern in your pet, it is more than recommended that you do not ignore it if, after you rid it of its fleas, it continues to scratch. And if the itching produces pimples or pustules, or vice versa, a consultation with a veterinarian is necessary.

Indeed, by dint of scratching, the dog could worsen his case. The pimples may bleed or ooze, skin and flesh may become raw, and sores may appear. However, these wounds are open doors to various infections that could also worsen his state of health. In some cases, the coat falls off. Most of the causes of itching in dogs can be treated very well, but must be addressed early.

My dog ​​is scratching, what could be the causes?

Dog itching can have several origins. In order to know the appropriate treatment, it is essential to know the exact cause of the problem. The itching is due to:

 - Parasites: often flea bites cause itching in dogs. And that then causes an allergic reaction. It can also be caused by intestinal worms. Regular deworming is therefore necessary.

- Allergies: this may be an allergy to flea bites (appearance of pimples or red patches); a food or contact allergy (the skin is sensitive to contact with certain substances: plants, household products, etc.).

And finally, it could also be that the itching in dogs is the consequence of its poor biological balance.

In order to be certain of the source of the problem, it is prudent to consult a veterinarian. In each case, he will give you solutions to cure your pet or to relieve the frequencies of its itching.

Natural remedies to stop itching

Labo Demeter offers natural remedies to help your itchy dog. We have designed herbal medicine products to treat your pet and prevent certain health problems.

Our natural care soothes the dog's itching and stimulates its immune system.

Labodem Piel is, for example, an effective food supplement for treating allergic dermatoses. And Kitaverm, a natural herbal remedy, helps fight your dog's intestinal parasites.

Contact our practicing veterinarian to properly advise you on the appropriate products to improve your dog's quality of life.

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