Labodem Piel, a natural antihistamine for cats

At Labo Demeter, we offer you a natural remedy to treat cat allergies effectively, and without side effects. This treatment is the natural antihistamine for cats Labodem Piel. Thanks to it, you treat allergy problems quickly and in a healthy way, whether they are caused by flea bites, contact allergens (rubber, metal, etc.) or inhaled allergens (pollen, mites, etc.). Also, by acting quickly and durably on the body of the cat, they thus avoid the consequences linked to an allergy in the cat such as respiratory problems, intense irritations, loss of hair (alopecia) or even inflammation of the skin and other organs.

antihistaminique naturel pour chat

Understanding cat allergies

An allergy in cats is a phenomenon of immunology. A reaction of the cat's immune system which helps it to protect itself against the presence of substances which could cause it harm. Allergies in cats have various origins :

      Food allergy

      Pollen allergies

      Allergies to contact agents

      Allergies to pest bites, including fleas

Labo Demeter's veterinary treatments offer you natural help to treat your pet, and in particular Labodem Piel, a very effective natural antihistamine for cats. It is also possible to use this phytotherapy treatment in dogs.

Therefore, rather than giving your pet drugs from the pharmaceutical industry, which contain chemicals and can cause side effects, you have the option of opting for a natural antihistamine for cats, or for dogs. , proposed by the Demeter Lab.

Relieving Allergy Symptoms in Cats with Animal Herbal Medicine

Animal herbal medicine is simply the use of medicinal plants to relieve the symptoms of disease in animals.

Animal herbal medicine methods are similar to human herbal medicine methods. Indeed, a phytotherapy treatment for cats is made from plants, their extracts, their bark, their leaves, their fruits or their sap. There are also sometimes trace elements such as magnesium, copper, zinc or even organic silicon.

The purpose of phytotherapy treatment in animals is to cure the symptoms of diseases, without causing side effects thanks to their natural character.

Thanks to Labo Demeter and Labodem Piel, you have the possibility of relieving the symptoms of an allergy in cats effectively and without any risk to its health.

Why choose a natural antihistamine for cats?

Natural treatments, especially those from herbal medicine, are to be prioritized because they have the same effectiveness as conventional treatments, but without the side effects. Their 100% natural composition makes them healthy treatments. Phytotherapy treatments are therefore ideal for relieving an allergy in cats.

In addition to being natural, antihistamines for cats offered by Labo Demeter effectively treat your pet's allergies by relieving them of symptoms that impact their comfort and well-being.

What are the causes and symptoms of an allergy in cats?

Inflammation of the mucous membranes as well as the excessive secretion of allergy-related mucus is most often the consequence of allergy in cats. The Labodem Piel natural antihistamine for cats is effective in combating allergy symptoms. Indeed, it helps to reduce the secretion of histamine and thus restore a better quality of life in your companion. It also reduces sensitivity to pollen and acts on the association of the digestive system and the immune system. The natural effect of Demeter lab products is due to their composition based on organic silicon and probiotics.

Recognize and understand the many types of allergies in cats

Allergy in cats is sometimes difficult to detect. The symptoms are varied and different from one animal to another, or from one reaction to another. It is important to know that there are skin reactions that appear, which are called allergic dermatitis, and which affect the skin. Cutaneous reactions are generally localized mainly on the hind legs, ears, muzzle and the rest of the body.

If your pet has itching and small pimples that gradually appear all over the body, this may be a sign of allergic dermatitis.

To relieve himself, your four-legged friend will tend to lick himself more often, scratch himself or even bite himself, which will also cause sores, to be treated as soon as possible to avoid infections. To choose the appropriate care, the diagnosis of a veterinarian is essential in order to identify the origin and the cause of the reaction.

In addition, there are other types of allergic reactions that are more difficult to detect, such as digestive reactions. They are characterized by vomiting, abdominal pain, inappetence and diarrhea.

Thus, these symptoms of an allergy in cats are to be monitored and taken into account to avoid any consequences of an untreated allergy.

Natural care to treat cat allergies

To care for your cat naturally, avoid treatments containing allergens that can trigger other allergic reactions.

There are two types of allergens: food and dust.

Cat allergies can cause major problems such as difficulty breathing. The latter may even be prone to convulsions. The symptoms of cat allergy are very varied and difficult to identify, which is why it is important to consult a veterinarian to be sure, even if you later choose to administer a natural antihistamine to your cat.

When your cat is the victim of an allergy, you should know that his body naturally reacts to a harmful agent. To best limit this reaction and to mitigate its effects, natural treatments are recommended. Indeed, products based on probiotics and organic silicon allow your pet's body to maintain a balance and therefore naturally stimulate its immunity and metabolism.

At Labo Demeter, you will find a natural antihistamine treatment for cats that perfectly reconciles the natural side of the product and the requirements of veterinary circles.

Treat cat allergies with a natural treatment

Living in the wild, many animals self-medicate. Depending on their ailments, their instincts will dictate which foods and plants to take. So, while some species eliminate parasites and cure their troubles in this way, dogs and cats purge themselves with certain herbs. This is why treating your cat's allergy with natural remedies is the best solution. Most of these products respect the nutritional needs of animals and are therefore not only safe, but also effective.

Protect your pet's health and opt for a natural antihistamine for cats thanks to Labo Demeter!

Choosing the right natural allergy treatment for your cat

Choosing the best natural treatment for cat allergy depends on the cause of your pet's allergy. You will also have to take into account your general state of health.

As a general rule, there are natural anti-allergy treatments for cats that are suitable for all allergy-related problems. However, it is recommended that you seek advice from your veterinarian before using any natural allergy treatment.

The combination of different natural antihistamines for cats is also recommended. Indeed, even if only one type of product can be effective, it is always preferable to personalize the treatment according to the state of health of your cat.

What is Labodem Piel?

Labodem Piel is a natural food supplement for cats and dogs. It can be used as a supplement in case of eczema, allergic skin diseases, itching, hair loss or digestive problems in your pet. This natural food supplement for animals helps in detoxification and desensitization. This natural antihistamine for cats and dogs is formulated with sulfur and magnesium, reinforced by probiotic flora and artichoke extracts.

Dosage of Labodem Piel

To treat the allergy of the cat with this natural antihistamine, it will be enough of only one tablet per day. For the allergy of the dog, it will be necessary to count a tablet per slice of 10 kg/day.

The duration of the administration of Labodem Piel is a minimum of one month.

Please note : this natural food supplement does not replace a healthy and balanced diet.

traitement naturel pour l'allergie du chat



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