Cat dermatosis : opt for a natural treatment

Cat dermatosis is a condition that needs to be taken care of. However, it is not mandatory to use chemical-based medicines to treat it. Natural treatments are also now available from professionals in herbal medicine for animals such as Labo Demeter.

médicament naturel dermatose chat démangeaison
PRODUct LABODEM PIEL for cat dermatosis

Herbal medicine for animals to avoid chemical treatments

Many animals that roam free in the wild manage to cure their little everyday ailments by using plants or things that their instinct dictates. Pharmaceutical and veterinary laboratories have taken inspiration from the behavior of certain plants and the plants and parts of plants they choose to design medicines for humans and pets.

Herbal medicine is also used by veterinarians to replace certain chemical treatments. In case of cat dermatosis, a therapist qualified in this field can recommend herbal ointments that can not only relieve the itching, but also make the pimples disappear and heal small wounds caused by scratching. It is however also recommended to find the intrinsic cause of the crisis and to treat it for a perfect recovery of your animal. The advice of a veterinarian can then also be useful.

Relieve your cat's skin conditions with a 100% natural product

Many types of dermatosis affect cats because of parasites (fleas and ticks), an unsuitable diet or an allergy to a food or to various substances, dust mites, plants, a hormonal imbalance or even drugs.

This skin pathology presents itself in several forms: small scabs, desquamation, pruritus, loss of back hair, itching or lesions on different parts of the body. Because of the resemblance of the external manifestations to diseases, diagnosis by a veterinarian is recommended.

When it comes to treatment, beware of corticosteroids and anti-inflammatory drugs, which are very aggressive. Prefer a gentle solution like the natural care made by Labo Demeter. This food supplement contains sulfur and magnesium as well as artichoke extracts. It heals eczemas, dermatoses in cats, as well as itching and hair loss. More generally, it acts as a detoxifier and a natural desensitizer.

Labo Demeter has designed a natural product to treat cat dermatoses

Labo Demeter specializes in the development and online sale of phytotherapy products intended to ensure the comfort and health of your dogs, cats and horses. In addition to anti-dermatosis care for cats, our catalog includes products to prevent or treat osteoarthritis, rheumatism, infectious and parasitic diseases, etc.

our naturals products for cats

Our vocation is to get your animal back in good shape and to work for its well-being and health throughout its existence, both in its young years and in its old age, with the many disorders that threaten it.

No chemical compound involving side effects is used in our care, which also undergoes a battery of tests to validate their effectiveness and the absence of risk for animals. We are constantly striving to expand the list of diseases that our preparations can treat through continuous research and development.

Labodem Piel pour la dermatose et démangeaison du chat
LABODEM PIEL for cat dermatosis



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