Summer dermatitis in horses : which products to use?

Horse summer dermatitis is a skin condition that can be both unpleasant and painful for animals. However, it can be treated and cured with 100% natural medicines. At Labo Demeter you will find herbal remedies and natural elements specifically designed for horses, cats and dogs.

produit naturel pour la dermite du cheval
Hippohaarlem pour la dermite estivale du cheval

Herbal medicine and natural products for animal health

Nature provides for virtually all the basic needs of living things in the human and animal kingdoms. It is therefore quite normal that animals that live in the wild, guided by their instinct, find the remedies for their small and great ailments in their environment. Many scientists, including herbalists and naturopaths, have been inspired by their behaviors and their choices of plants and elements to design 100% natural medicines, both for humans and animals.

It is therefore now possible to use natural products to treat and cure ailments such as summer dermatitis in horses. Plus, these natural-based remedies don't have a lot, yes not at all, of side effects like corticosteroids and other chemicals. However, it is recommended that you only go to qualified therapists to get the right treatment.

The main causes and symptoms of summer dermatitis in horses

Summer dermatitis in horses is caused by bites from blood-sucking insects such as Culicoides, flies, horseflies and blackflies. Animals scratch because of the itching, and abrasions can quickly become infected. It should be noted that equines which have already had a history of allergy are more sensitive and more exposed to this type of disease. This skin disease can also be favored by a diet rich in protein, by a lack of physical activity or by the fragility of the skin.

Horse summer dermatitis can affect your animals as young as 2 years old. It occurs especially during hot and humid seasons and moving can promote its occurrence. This condition mainly affects the head, neckline, mane, abdomen and base of the tail. Due to repeated scratching, the hairs are tousled, then the affected parts become bare. If no treatment is applied, the itching will intensify and the animal will continue to scratch. With friction, purulent and oozing or bloody nodules appear. The infection develops and lesions or scales appear. As spontaneous cures are quite rare, it is strongly recommended to treat your horse with natural products.

Treating summer dermatitis in horses with natural products

Before treating your horse's summer dermatitis, the origin and type of the disease should be determined by consulting a veterinarian. If the latter has diagnosed dermatitis, Labo Demeter offers a completely natural product to relieve your horse's skin problems. HippoHaarlem is a food supplement composed of silicon, magnesium and sulfur to quickly treat skin problems such as summer dermatitis and recurrent dermatitis in equines. This natural product that is both detoxifying and desensitizing is effective in treating skin problems that may affect your horse.

Since the insects responsible for summer dermatitis in horses are numerous in the evening and at dawn, it is best to avoid night and morning outings, especially if your horse is particularly susceptible to insect bites.



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