Eczema in dogs: opt for a natural treatment

Treating dog eczema with natural treatment is possible. However, you must choose the products you will use carefully so as not to aggravate the situation. At Labo Demeter, you will find various 100% natural medicines that will allow you to help your pet with this skin condition.

dog eczema natural treatment
Labodem Piel pour l'eczéma du chien

Phytotherapy for animal health

Herbal medicine is no longer just reserved for the treatment of human diseases. Veterinary specialists including Labo Demeter have also looked into the possibilities of treating animal ailments with natural remedies derived from plants and various elements found in nature. Moreover, it is the behavior of certain animals which live in the state and which take care of themselves "with the means at hand" by finding what they need in their environment which has inspired many of the recipes used by naturopaths. for animals.

If you do not want to use chemical drugs and treat your dog's eczema with a natural treatment, you can contact a qualified naturopath who specializes in the management of animal diseases. He will know how to determine the symptoms and causes of your dog's illness and will suggest a treatment perfectly suited to his case.

How to recognize dog eczema

Being able to affect in particular certain breeds such as bulldogs or Yorkshires, dog eczema is recognized by the appearance of several symptoms. Usually, there is inflammation with swelling and oozing in parts of the body (especially the thighs and stomach). In addition, the itching associated with these signs can encourage the animal to lick and scratch frantically, which can lead to a change in the color of the hair, but especially a possible infection of the wounds which would be even more harmful.

Causes of eczema in dogs

As with humans, the causes and origins of dog eczema are varied. Often, it is a reaction either to parasites (fleas, ticks, scabies) or to allergens (mites, pollen, dust). Some crises are also due to an imbalance or even food poisoning, but also to dirt or intolerance to certain chemicals. Finally, we must not rule out a possible genetic cause, which explains the fact that some breeds are more affected than others.

In all cases, the consultation of a veterinarian is essential in order to clearly identify the origins of the crisis. The professional will also tell you the appropriate natural treatments and treatments.

How to effectively treat dog eczema

Eczema causing as much inconvenience to the animal as worry to its owner, it should be treated as quickly as possible to avoid aggravation. Among the effective treatments, natural products and treatments are recommended. In particular, homeopathy and aromatherapy are renowned for their convincing results on dog eczema. Likewise, an adaptation of the diet for curative and preventive purposes is also recommended. Specialist in this type of treatment, Labo Demeter provides natural products rich in organic silicon and probiotics to improve the immune balance of your little companion.

Labodem Piel eczema dog natural medicine

Labodem Piel pour l'eczéma du chien



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