Treatment of dog eczema: use natural products

Dog eczema is one of the animal diseases that can be treated and cured with natural products. If you are looking for natural medicines for your dog, cat or horse, you will find what you need at Labo Demeter.

traitement naturel eczéma du chien

Caring for animals with plants

Herbal medicine has been used by doctors and healers for thousands of years. Some recipes have survived the centuries without having been modified. They treat and cure both internal ailments and external diseases in humans.

However, thanks to their instinct, some wild animals also use plants (bark, leaves, sap, flowers, fruits) to relieve their small and large ailments and get rid of their internal parasites. It is by observing their behavior, the choice of plants they use and their knowledge of medicinal plants that animal disease specialists have been able to design 100% natural medicinal products that are suitable for our animal friends.

You can therefore contact a qualified naturopath to find a natural solution to your dog's eczema. Depending on the root causes of the appearance of this skin disease, he will recommend a treatment suitable for your four-legged friend.

Prevent or treat dog eczema with herbal medicine

More and more consumers prefer to use natural products for healing. There are currently similar care lines for our animal friends. If you are looking for a good product to prevent or cure your dog's eczema, check out our natural products for dogs.

Dog eczema

Dog eczema is a skin condition that results from irritation or an allergic reaction. It is manifested by the appearance of redness, epidermal vesicles, scabs, oozing, scales or lesions. It is a common disease in dogs and there are many causes (fleas, ticks, scabies, lack of cleanliness, irritants, allergy to pollen, mites or dust, etc.). Chemical poisoning, dietary imbalances (lack of vitamins and fatty acids), stress and anxiety can also be the causes of eczema.

Today there is a range of natural products that are effective in preventing and treating dog eczema. These are preparations made from completely natural products that do not cause side effects. Over the past decades, phytotherapy on animals has been studied and developed to ensure the well-being of our little companions on a daily basis. Eczema is one of the conditions that can be very well treated with these natural products.

Original and effective specialties against dog eczema

The richness of nature has inspired many therapists and has allowed the development of treatments based on completely natural products. Labodem Piel is a specialty used to treat eczemas in dogs, but also allergic dermatoses, itching, digestive problems, hair loss in domestic mammals. This product based on Haarlem oil, probiotic flora and artichoke extracts has a detoxifying and desensitizing effect.

Labo Demeter offers totally natural products validated for use on several animals in the veterinary context. Herbal medicine has become fashionable thanks to its effectiveness and new beliefs favoring the protection of nature and the environment. The natural products available online allow you to pamper your four-legged friends in all serenity.



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