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Rheumatism in dogs is a treatable condition of the joints. With the right medications, you can improve his comfort. There are 100% natural remedies available today that are meant for our animal friends. Labo Demeter markets a wide range.

traitement naturel rhumatisme chien
Canisil for dog rheumatism

Rheumatism in dogs, prevention and management

Le rhumatisme du chien fait partie des principaux motifs de consultation auprès des vétérinaires. Cette maladie qui évolue doucement atteint essentiellement les articulations avec des conséquences sur les muscles. L’animal devient nerveux, gêné par les douleurs et l’inconfort. Mais aussi, il refuse de bouger puisque tout mouvement peut provoquer de vives douleurs.

Rheumatism in dogs is one of the main reasons for consulting veterinarians. This disease which progresses slowly mainly affects the joints with consequences on the muscles. The animal becomes nervous, embarrassed by pain and discomfort. But also, he refuses to move since any movement can cause severe pain.

It is quite possible to prevent the onset of rheumatic fever in dogs by watching their diet on the one hand and getting them enough exercise on the other. One of the most effective ways to delay the onset of this disease is also using the right food supplements. However, once the condition has set in, it is essential to treat it not only for the pain to give your pet a little comfort, but also to limit damage to the affected joints. If you don't feel like giving your dog any chemical medication, 100% natural products are also available from specialists.

Relieve your dog's rheumatism with 100% natural care

Rheumatism in dogs, which manifests as acute or chronic joint or muscle pain, bothers the animal considerably on a daily basis, and can be very painful in the event of a crisis. The reflex of the masters is to resort to anti-inflammatory drugs, but they contain chemical ingredients that cause many side effects.

Fortunately, there are now gentle alternatives for proven results: natural care from Labo Demeter. Their role is to restore their integrity to the articular and tendon cartilages in the most frequently affected areas such as the hips and the spine.

The aim is to allow the animal to maintain its motor functions and mobility, two essential elements for its comfort, and to help it regain health.

Labo Demeter protects your dog from rheumatism

Labo Demeter specializes in the manufacture and distribution of veterinary products intended to preserve or improve the well-being and health of dogs, cats and horses. All our treatments are exclusively composed of natural substances with recognized virtues, including organic silicon, spirulina and probiotic flora.

In the form of palatable tablets that are easy to administer, their effectiveness for each animal species for which they are produced is also validated by a battery of tests. There is a wide variety to meet specific needs: getting rid of parasites and infections, stimulating defenses, rebalancing the current flora, and above all, repairing cartilage and other components of the bone structure.

Even though the scope of our veterinary care is already wide, research and development remains one of our priority areas, in order to develop more preparations to keep your animals healthy for as long as possible.

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