Tendinitis in horses : opt for a natural treatment

Tendonitis in horses can severely hamper the animal in its daily life, but also in its performance. To treat your pet, you can now opt for natural medicines. At Labo Demeter, you will find a wide choice of 100% natural remedies intended for the treatment of common ailments in domestic animals.

traitement naturel tendinite cheval
voir Hipposil pour les tendinites du cheval

Relieve Pain In Animals With Herbal Medicine

Tendinitis is particularly painful for animals, which will not only limp, but also refuse to walk. In the majority of cases, owners of animals who are injured and suffer from this condition tend to "stuff" them with anti-inflammatory and painkillers. This is certainly not recommended, especially since these products will relieve the animal, but it is also necessary that the drugs have no other effects on the body.

This is the reason why more and more therapists are recommending natural products to treat tendonitis in horses. As the treatment can last for several months, natural herbal remedies are unlikely to cause stomach or liver pain (one of the big side effects of anti-inflammatory and chemical pain relievers). However, even if this consequence of an injury is curable, prevention remains the best remedy to avoid the suffering of the animal.

We have therefore developed two natural products intended to treat tendonitis: Hipposil and Silahorse

Tendonitis in horses: not to be overlooked

Tendinitis is inflammation of the tendon resulting from a fibrillar tear and rupture of capillary vessels resulting in intra-tendon hemorrhage. It is manifested by the onset of edema accompanied by severe pain. In the event of tendonitis in the horse, strict rest in the box and a long treatment is essential. The cessation of sporting exploitation of the equine can last several months depending on the degree of the lesions. Indeed, convalescence takes time, complete healing is only possible after 12 to 18 months.

To minimize the risk of recurrence, it is also important to follow the veterinarian's care protocol to the letter. A new injury can permanently end a horse's sporting career.

Effective care products against tendonitis in horses

In horses, the recovery process from tendonitis goes through several stages. The healing phase begins approximately six to seven days after the injury and lasts three to four weeks. During this period, fibroblasts will invade the affected part and produce collagen which will repair the lesions. This phase can lead to adhesions with neighboring tissues, it is imperative to exempt the horse from exercises. This is followed by the so-called cell reorganization phase. Slowly, the tendon becomes functional again. However, the fibers will be less elastic, which increases the risk of recurrence. Also, rehabilitation is essential before considering any resumption of sporting activity.

In order to promote a quick and efficient recovery of your horse, Labo Demeter offers a gel ointment, Silahorse, to promote healing of lesions due to tendonitis. Composed from totally natural ingredients, this treatment comes in addition to veterinary prescriptions. It can also be used to prevent tendonitis in horses without violating anti-doping regulations.

You will also find Hipposil which prevents and treats all the problems of joints and tendons of the horse, with an anti-inflammatory effect.



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