Tendonitis in dogs : how to treat it?

Dog tendonitis is a condition that can severely handicap the animal with different reactions triggered (inflammation of the hind legs, dog limping after exertion, inflammation of the dog's elbow, etc.). Thus, Labo Demeter offers a natural remedy to treat tendonitis in dogs because without appropriate natural care this condition can quickly worsen if it is not taken care of correctly and on time. To treat your pet who suffers from this disease, you can therefore contact Labo Demeter, which designs 100% natural medicines to effectively relieve pain in our animal friends.

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Natural treatments for animals

When we take our animals to the vet, we often come home with a prescription that only includes drugs from the pharmaceutical industry with many chemical ingredients.

However, just like in humans, these chemical components can have side effects that are more or less bothersome and that can appear in the short or long term. Treating very painful conditions such as tendinitis in dogs or rheumatism and osteoarthritis in animals, it is common for veterinarians to prescribe painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs that are certainly effective but which can have effects on the liver or the liver. stomach of beasts.

However, today it is possible to opt for herbal medicine to relieve our four-legged friends. Natural medicines have little or no side effects while still being effective. And in addition to natural treatment, appropriate dietary supplements and precautions can help control symptoms and prevent recurrence.

Canisil is our natural product specialized in joint and tendon problems, therefore tendonitis.

Symptoms and causes of tendonitis in dogs

There are two phases to tendonitis. In the first place, acute tendonitis characterized by severe pain. Symptoms are lameness and swelling of the affected tendon. It can also be observed by touch that the painful area is hot. If we do not take care to treat the acute tendonitis and wait for the dog to fully recover before returning to strenuous activity, then we run the risk of moving to the second phase, which is chronic tendonitis. The latter is characterized first by limp after exertion and, if left unchecked, by permanent limp.

There are many causes of tendonitis in dogs. The most frequent is excessive activity, but this can be a bad technique or an inappropriate effort in the case of a working dog (sled dog, rescue dog, etc.), a malformation that places an abnormal strain on the tendon or, more rarely, certain antibiotics (quinolones) which are therefore to be avoided.

In the case of limping, it is therefore strongly recommended to diagnose it is acute tendonitis in order to treat it as quickly as possible and thus avoid chronic tendonitis in your dog.

How to naturally cure tendonitis in dogs

There are not thirty-six solutions for treating tendonitis in dogs, the treatment involves massage, rest (no strenuous effort) and anti-inflammatory drugs.

You will say that these are not natural and are dangerous for your health. Well, there are natural anti-inflammatories.

Among them, Harpagophytum or devil's claw particularly recommended for tendonitis and which also has a detoxifying and stimulating effect on the digestive system.

At Labo Dermeter, we have combined it with other natural components (Perna Canaliculus, silicon and probiotics) to be more effective: Canisil

It is available on our site by clicking here

Without side effects, our products have an 80% palatability rate and have all been validated in the veterinary setting.

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