Horse cough : use natural remedies

Treating your horse's cough with drugs without chemicals is now possible. If you are looking for natural remedies to treat your pets, especially your dog, your cat or your horse, Labo Demeter offers a wide range of herbal medicine products for our animal friends.

Horse cough: a symptom that should not be overlooked

Cough is one of the conditions that often affects horses and equines. However, it is useful to clarify here that the cough in itself is not really a disease since it is most of the time a symptom linked to another disease which can be more or less serious. It is therefore essential not to ignore your horse's cough, especially if it is exhibiting other symptoms such as shortness of breath or rattling. Calling in a veterinarian or a qualified therapist is then more than recommended.

Depending on the severity and appearance of the cough, the animal health specialist will be able to identify the inherent causes and determine an appropriate treatment based on the diagnosis. In the majority of cases, anti-inflammatory drugs, antihistamines or antibiotics may be prescribed. The cough suppressant may be given to relieve the animal. Whenever possible, and if the vet allows it, it is best to choose natural medicines to treat your pet. Herbal medicine indeed gives excellent results.

The main causes of horse cough

Horse cough can actually hide a respiratory pathology that results in airway obstruction. This is often the result of an allergy to training stable dust or poor quality hay.

It is important to clean the living space of your animal: the stable must be spacious and well ventilated and remember to replace the straw bedding with sawdust or other more hygienic materials such as paper, hemp or even flax.

Mesh doors should also be preferred to facilitate air circulation, especially if the training center is located near a large city. Indeed, this allergy can also be caused by pollution.

In some cases, horse cough is viral. Epidemics of influenza or rhino pneumonia are very dangerous, because they can take away the best elements of equestrian centers. Thus, necessary precautions, such as vaccination, should be taken to prevent infections caused by viruses. Bronchitis is also one of the causes of horse cough.

Natural and effective horse cough care

To overcome horse cough, it is essential to ensure the hygiene of the animal and to set up an efficient ventilation system in the stable. Even with effective therapeutic treatment, if hygiene rules are not followed, your horse is still exposed to the allergens that caused the disease. By focusing on natural products, you are giving your horse all the supplements he needs to strengthen his immune defense.

Labo Demeter offers you the Equitos “gel syrup” to effectively fight horse cough. This completely natural product is composed of organic silicon, Drocera 4CH, essential oils of pine and eucalyptus, grapefruit seed extract and vegetable gum and honey extract. It helps overcome acute or chronic coughs. Before purchasing this product, contact the experienced veterinarian who answers all your questions online.



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