Treatment of osteoarthritis in cats : adopt herbal medicine

Osteoarthritis in cats is one of the diseases that appear with the age of the animal. However, it is possible to treat it and improve your pet's comfort with natural products. Medicines for animals designed only with natural ingredients can be found at Labo Demeter.

Treat cats with osteoarthritis with natural medicines

While pain from osteoarthritis is particularly distressing for humans, pain from osteoarthritis in cats is just as painful for animals. It is true that this is a sneaky disease that does not give symptoms until it is more or less established. It can nevertheless be cured if it is taken care of early enough, in other words as soon as the first signs are visible and the diagnosis is confirmed.

The administration of anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers is common to relieve pain. However, the root of the problem must also be addressed. Herbal medicine is now giving very good results in the treatment of osteoarthritis in cats. In addition, the drugs offered do not have, or have very few, side effects such that they are very well tolerated by animals. And in addition to drug treatment, natural food supplements to help limit the damage of this disease and prevent its onset are also available.

Osteoarthritis, a common condition in older cats

Increasing life expectancy is not just for men; pets also benefit from advances in medical science. However, cats between the ages of 12 and 15 begin to suffer from diseases typical of aging, particularly affecting the joints. Osteoarthritis is therefore quite common in senior cats; 90% of affected domestic felines suffer from it to varying degrees.

Since this condition is linked to the animal's physical wear and tear due to aging, it cannot be cured. However, certain treatments can fight against the symptoms and the effects on the life of your companion.

How to recognize a cat suffering from osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis in cats is quite difficult to detect, so this can delay treatment. The main cause is that the animal expresses its suffering in a discreet way. In fact, most of them essentially modify their behavior in order to limit the pain.

So, it is important to carefully monitor your pet from a certain age and take him to the vet as soon as possible to confirm a diagnosis. In particular, the disease can manifest itself by a loss of mobility, increased aggressiveness or even difficulties in washing.

What treatments to relieve your cat with osteoarthritis

While chronic ailments in older cats cannot be prevented or cured perfectly, it is entirely possible to help them live comfortably. In addition to a more suitable environment, better nutrition is essential. With this in mind, Labo Demeter offers natural products rich in probiotics and organic silicon to fight against aging ailments and in particular osteoarthritis in cats. Our philosophy is to provide your animal with the benefits of organic treatments.




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