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The treatment of osteoarthritis in horses can be carried out with natural products. If you are looking for this type of remedy, you can turn to Labo Demeter which offers a wide range of herbal and natural ingredients medicines for our horse.

natural treatment for horse osteoarthritis
Natural treatment for horse osteoarthritis

Herbal medicine for animals

Many people now choose alternative medicine, including herbal medicine, to cure themselves by avoiding taking drugs that contain chemicals. The effectiveness of natural herbal medicine is proven by the thousands of recipes used by our ancestors and by traditional healers who have crossed the centuries. Its use has, in recent years, extended to the veterinary sector with the arrival on the market of natural products specifically designed to treat horse.

It is now possible to opt for treatment of osteoarthritis in horses with herbal and natural ingredients. One can indeed find anti-inflammatories and natural painkillers, to relieve the animal and improve its daily comfort so that it can live serenely with its disease. Food supplements are also available to limit the damage and stop the progression of cartilage degeneration, but also to prevent the onset of the disease.

Osteoarthritis : manifestations and causes

Osteoarthritis is a disease of the joints affecting mostly older horses. The disease affects all the joints of the horse, but often it is those of the legs that are most affected: knees, hocks, etc. Cartilage in the joints degenerates, causing joint pain in horses. The animal will then have difficulty moving. If you notice that your horse is limping, or you hear a cracking joint while moving, your poor animal is certainly suffering from osteoarthritis. Joint swelling may also appear.

Regarding the causes of this disease, age and overweight are the most common factors. Defects or misalignment between the bones in the joints can also be the cause of osteoarthritis.

It is an irreversible disease, that is to say, without possibility of cure. However, with the right treatment, it is quite possible to stop the progression of the disease and relieve the pain.

At Labo Demeter, find a treatment to calm your horse's osteoarthritis.

How to treat osteoarthritis?

The goals of treating osteoarthritis in horses are to relieve pain so that the animal can have a more comfortable life and maintain its functional capacity. Treatment should also slow the progression of the disease.

Your pet may be avoiding moving so as not to hurt himself. Lack of activity, however, only worsens joint pain. Do not force it to make difficult efforts, however, continue to ride it regularly to slow the progression of the disease.

For the treatment of osteoarthritis in your horse, Labo Demeter develops natural remedies to soothe joint pain. Treatment with our Hipposil product could help your horse with osteoarthritis. This is a nutritional supplement that will act as an anti-inflammatory to restore tendon and joint integrity in your horse.

Our treatments for osteoarthritis

Arthrose du chevzl

SILAHORSE GEL for horse osteoarthritis

médicament pour les articulations du cheval
HIPPOSIL for horse joints



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