Which dewormer to choose for your dog?

There are two types of dewormer for dogs: natural dewormer and laboratory dewormer which include chemical components. If you want to give the first to your four-legged friend, you will find a 100% natural product at Labo Demeter.

vermifuge naturel pour chien kitaverm
Kitaverm pour les parasites du chien

The natural, effective and safe dewormer

Infestation with worms of the dog's intestines and other organs can be fatal to the animal if not taken care of properly. In addition, some worms can be transmitted to humans. It is therefore essential to rid your pet of these parasites on a regular basis.

Giving your dog a natural dewormer is a decision you won't regret. Indeed, they are as effective as those designed by laboratories, but without the side effects. They are therefore very well tolerated by animals, even those which are more or less fragile.

In addition, animals have always used plants, or specific parts of plants such as roots, bark, leaves, sap, flowers or fruits, to heal themselves. Many of them use it to defeat their internal parasites. In fact, phytotherapy laboratories for animals were inspired by their behaviors and their choices to design products for pets.

Deworm your dog : how often?

It is important to give your dog dewormer on a regular basis to effectively protect him against parasitic diseases. The frequency, however, depends on the age of the animal.

Thus, since the puppies' immune system is still quite fragile, deworming is performed every two weeks for the first three months, then once a month until their 6th month.

The bitch should also be dewormed if possible 3 days before mating, once after farrowing and once every two weeks during the first two months of nursing.

As for the adult dog, the frequency of deworming will be two to four times a year depending on the risk of contamination, the animal's lifestyle or its state of health. In the case of an older dog, the operation should be repeated every three months.

Either way, it is recommended that you give your dog a dewormer during seasonal changes when the risk of contamination is greater.

Choosing a natural dewormer for your dog

Since some molecules present in drug-based dewormers can be allergenic, choosing a natural dewormer helps avoid the risk of side effects for your hairball.

Specializing in the development of phytotherapy products for the care and well-being of pets, the Labo Demeter laboratory offers a dewormer based on plant extracts to effectively eliminate your dog's intestinal worms.

We offer you the Kitaverm. This treatment is composed of pomegranate bark, mugwort, pumpkin seeds, pyrethrum, thyme and tea tree, all are recognized for their deworming and antiseptic properties and remain highly effective against worms. roundworms and tapeworms.




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