Dog aging: control the effects with natural products

It is not possible to prevent your dog from aging, but it is possible to make life easier for him in his old age by taking care of his health. The natural product offered by Labo Demeter, Canivida, is a reliable solution to do this.

dog aging natural treatment
Canivida for aging dog

Natural products for animal health

For millennia, animals that live in freedom have looked after themselves in nature, with plants and elements dictated by their instincts. It is therefore obvious that natural products are the best way to help sick animals.

However, they were shelved after the arrival of modern medicine and drugs made by veterinary pharmaceutical companies. However, they are in the process of signing their return with laboratories that have specialized in the design of ranges of natural remedies and care intended for our animal friends.

You can also now treat your pets, counter the effects of aging on your dog, your cat or your horse with suitable products. Without noticeable side effects, they are most of the time perfectly well tolerated by animals.

Prevention and relief of signs of aging in dogs

The passing of time is not without effect on the dog. Due to obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, past trauma or physical strain, he may suffer from osteoarthritis or lose his liveliness and zest for life. Do not let him suffer the pain without reacting, Labo Demeter has the solution, with its products specifically designed to fight against ailments due to aging in dogs.

These palatable tablets promote the regeneration of cartilage and relieve acute or chronic manifestations; they improve its general condition thanks to the presence of probiotic flora.

Of course, to complete the action of the care, take the time to review your pet's diet, so that it is more varied, more balanced and less fatty. Also, have him do exercises that help restore his bone cartilage.

Labo Demeter products tackle the effects of aging in dogs

Our range of phytotherapy products is intended for the well-being and health of your pets and livestock. Come and discover anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent or relieve arthritis attacks, one of the main consequences of dog aging, as well as food supplements to restore their tone, not to mention anti-dermatosis, anti-parasite products, etc.

All of our treatments are distinguished by a 100% natural composition, for proven effectiveness without side effects. Moreover, use in a veterinary environment has shown the action of our products and the various plants they contain, in particular organic silicon, Harpagophytum and Perna Canaliculus.

In addition to dogs, we offer products suitable for cats, horses, ponies, donkeys ... We also devote significant resources to research and development in order to offer gentle management of a growing number of diseases. .

natural product for aging dog




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