Caring for an old horse with natural products

An old horse will need a variety of care to ensure its comfort and well-being during the last few years that will remain. Care and medicines based on natural products from Labo Demeter are designed to be adapted to the needs and the body of older animals, especially cats, dogs and horses.

The advantage of natural products for an old horse

It is impossible to prevent your horse from aging, but you can take the right steps to make life easier for him in his old age. Indeed, an old horse will feel the weight of the years in all his body. He will need to be given the right food and medicine to make him feel well.

Choosing natural products, whether medicines or food supplements, to take care of an elderly horse will be of great service to him. Very effective and without annoying side effects, the remedies and natural elements, will preserve his stomach, his kidneys and his liver. You can also start using food supplements when your pet is young.

You will find a choice of products based on natural ingredients adapted to the condition of your old horse, and advice on how to use them properly from qualified therapists and laboratories and traders specializing in herbal medicine and natural animal care.

A treatment with multiple actions to preserve the health of your old horse

When your horse gets old, health problems multiply: he has osteoarthritis, he suffers from tendonitis, he limps, he is exhausted. To prevent, relieve acute or chronic joint attacks and repair its cartilage and tendon apparatus, two essential elements for its quality of life, Labo Demeter has developed a treatment designed specifically for the horse and its diseases.

In addition to restoring locomotor functions, avoiding surgery and trauma, Hipposil optimizes digestive regulation and benefits all metabolic processes, for overall good health.

This product is also recommended for your younger horses in preparation for a competition. Containing only natural ingredients (organic silicon, harpagophytum and spirulina), it effectively replaces anti-inflammatory drugs without the risk of contravening doping regulations.

Labo Demeter, specialist in the care of your old horse and your pets

Labo Demeter is the European leader in phytotherapy products for your little legged companions as well as your farm animals. Our treatments are innovative and 100% natural, exploiting the virtues of organic silicon and probiotics. Their composition allows us to guarantee their effectiveness, especially on your old horse, without the side effects that accompany most chemicals.

You will find in our online store a wide range of veterinary products such as dewormers and immune system stimulants, but also food supplements and drugstore products for dogs, cats and horses. Thanks to simple preventive actions, you preserve the health of your animals and improve their longevity.

To ensure the quality of our care, they have undergone multiple tests and have been validated for safe use in veterinary settings for the prevention and treatment of infectious and parasitic attacks. At the same time, we are continuing our research and development efforts in order to optimize our treatments, but also in order to deal with a growing number of animal pathologies.




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