Herbal medicine to naturally improve your horse's health

Various solutions to ensure the good physical condition of our animals

As with all mammals, there are several diseases and other ailments that can disrupt the life of equines. These nuisances can be caused by various factors and affect more or less seriously the well-being and the lifespan of our animals. Since we have domesticated many of these beasts, we have taken responsibility for taking care of keeping them healthy from birth until their last day. To do this, we humans have developed several ways to ensure the good physical condition of our animals. It is a question of ensuring that their external environment is healthy, but also of finding solutions to cure them of all the evils which can affect them. In this sense, several natural remedies have emerged in our section devoted to herbal medicine for horses.

Several natural remedies to treat the ailments of your equines

The use of pharmaceutical products is undoubtedly a reflex in the daily life of many breeders. However, there are a good number of you who in recent years have turned to herbal medicine to treat your horses of various ailments, especially chronic conditions. Many breeders choose these natural solutions to protect their animals from the harmful side effects of chemicals found in pharmaceutical drugs. Labo Demeter is one of the most innovative European companies in the field of phytotherapy for horses. We offer, in our online store, several remedies for coughs, skin diseases, horn problems, inflammation, joint and tendon disorders, stress and many other nuisances. We also offer fast and free delivery (subject to conditions).




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