Where can you find a natural dewormer for your dog or cat?

If you are looking for a natural dewormer to rid your cat or dog of its intestinal worms, at Labo Demeter you will find a 100% natural product. You can also buy various remedies here to treat your animals with herbal medicine and natural care.

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Natural dewormer: animals have always used it

Many wild animals manage to heal themselves by "means at hand" in their natural habitat. Indeed, their instinct always dictates to them the plants and the elements to use to cure or prevent a disease, and this for millennia. They thus use roots, barks, leaves, flowers, fruits or even the sap of certain plants to get rid of their internal parasites, in particular intestinal worms. These natural dewormers have no side effects on their body.

Veterinary herbal medicine laboratories were inspired by wild animals and their product choices to design remedies for our pets. Just like those used by animals in their natural environment, the products resulting from their research are as effective as they are safe. Before giving it to your cat or dog, however, it is recommended that you seek advice from a qualified therapist.

Food supplement based on plant extracts

Natural dewormers are generally composed of plant extracts known for their anthelmintic property and their purgative action on the intestines. Commonly used ingredients include pumpkin seeds and pyrethrum. These are very effective against tapeworms, pinworms, roundworms and hookworm whipworms.

Pomegranate bark and mugwort are also major ingredients in this type of dietary supplement. For more effectiveness, sometimes powerful antiseptics like garlic, thyme, cloves, wormwood and tea tree are added.

Most often offered in liquid or powder form, these products are administered orally - in this case, they can be mixed with food or be administered using a spoon - or by direct injection into the mouth. syringe.

Fight your pet's intestinal worms with Kitaverm

Developed by a team passionate about "soft" medicine, Kitaverm is an effective herbal medicine supplement to fight against intestinal worms (tapeworms, roundworms, pinworms, hookworms, etc.) and chronic diarrhea in dogs and cats. This natural care product contains ingredients with powerful active ingredients, but has no side effects for animals. It is even suitable for use on kittens and puppies as well as pregnant females.

Kitaverm is available in a 50 ml bottle, our natural dewormer is easy to use and can treat a 20 kg dog 5 times. It only takes one oral dose every 3 months or every 6 months.

Being a laboratory favoring naturotherapy, we have designed various innovative products intended to treat disorders affecting the health of dogs, cats and horses (osteoarthritis, aging, etc.).

Our natural dewormer



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