Our philosophy

Labo Demeter, which specializes in phytotherapy for animals (dogs, cats, horses), considers that each animal has the right to the best care for its health. This is why it offers organic and healthy veterinary herbal medicines (probiotics, organic silicon, harpagophytum, dhea).

Below, you will find a lot of historical information, herbal medicine as well as more additional details

on philosophy, animal phytotherapy and natural medicine at Labo Demeter

Hippocrates said “Let what you eat be your first medicine. ". At Labo Demeter, we are convinced of this! Animal phytotherapy is our specialty, which is why we offer a large selection of healthy and natural products for your little companions.

Alternative medicine for animals 

Herbal medicine and natural medicines are all the rage! This enthusiasm is justified in particular by their great effectiveness, which is now recognized by the greatest number of people and by the public's deep desire to return to a global, natural and harmonious conception of living beings. Calling on Labo Demeter for your animal herbal medicine products means benefiting from relevant veterinary advice that is perfectly suited to the condition of your hairball.


Qualified as alternative medicine, natural medicines are nonetheless energetic - and even parallel - all in the interest of the body that receives them. As a phytotherapy laboratory, we really believe that most medicines are complementary: we do not wish to question current official medicine! However, we can often criticize a certain dogmatic confinement and a somewhat too mechanistic vision of the living.


Our desire is to take into account more than the entire constitution of each animal, whether it is congenital or acquired during its existence, due to the accidents of life.

The benefits of animal herbal medicine    

Gradually, pharmaceutical products are giving way to more natural solutions, which are just as suitable for your pet. It is essential to take into account the products used to treat it. Certain substances are, in fact, much more suitable for his body. Our veterinary advice gives you access to quality natural care, sometimes tailor-made. Our teams work to develop essential remedies that act on the health of your animals.


Opting for animal herbal medicine is to fight against side effects, which can sometimes be harmful to your cat or dog. Did you know ? Our veterinarians use excipients that are perfectly compatible with the various foods given to your animal. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to guide you to the products you need!

Our goal: to help animals in the best possible way

Our animal phytotherapy specialties aim to support animals towards a lasting balance and harmony in order to fully contribute to their well-being. Our preparations remain food supplements and not drugs. As Hippocrates’s phrase suggests, the line between medicine and food is fine.


Our principles of action and the work of our veterinarians are based on three major pillars:

• Humility in the face of the richness and complexity of the world in general and of living things in particular.

• Curiosity and thirst for learning in order to seek new paths.

• Respect for nature. As Socrates said, "If you want to dominate nature, first obey it!"

These flagship rules are important to us and allow us to focus our research in a more targeted way. As you know, there are many concerns that can arise in animals: intestinal and digestion problems, joint and skin problems, anxiety or age-related annoyances. Our phytotherapy laboratory wishes at all costs to remedy this by promoting the use of gentle and non-restrictive treatments to ingest.

It is this philosophy that has enabled us to develop original and effective specialties which have met with great success.


“ May what you eat be your first medicine” (Hippocrates)

Phytotherapy and natural medicines are in fashion! This is justified by people now recognising their efficiency, and by more and more of the public turning to a global, natural and harmonious concept of living beings.

We call them “ soft medicines” although they are sometimes powerful, or “alternative medicines” though they are all on a par with them all in the interest of the recipient organism.

In our opinion, all “ medicines” are complementary, and it is not for us to question existing official medicine.

However, one can often criticise its certain dogmatic reserve and a rather mechanical vision of the living. Particularly, it often fails to consider the background, or the particular features of each individual, whether they may be congenital or acquired through life traumas.

Our aim is therefore to help the group of animals for which our specialities are prepared, in order to regain their balance and harmony, therefore contributing to their wellbeing : our preparations are food supplements and not medicines. As Hippocrates says, “ the border between medicine and food is not precise, there is an imperceptible passage from one to the other”.

Our principals of action are therefore based on three points :

  • • Humility when considering the richness and complexity of the world in general and the living in particular.
  • •Curiosity and eagerness to learn in order to research new ways.
  • • The respect of Nature. As Socrates said, “If you want to dominate nature, start by obeying it !”

This is the philosophy has allowed us to put together very successful, original and efficient specialities.



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