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The horse is one of the animals which, during their life, are called upon for physically intense activities. It is important to ensure that the animal can recover properly after sustained effort in order to maintain good health.

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Restoring equines with solutions without side effects

Labo Demeter offers you, here, veterinary products made in its laboratory located in Spain and designed from various natural elements. You will discover with us very effective means for the fitness of your equines; solutions focused on plants and other elements drawn from nature. By choosing natural products to take care of your animals, you spare them the inconvenience associated with the harmful side effects presented by the chemical compositions sold in pharmacies. Thus, our solutions are useful for preparing horses for competitions, for their convalescence, to help them cope with aging and many more.

We only use ingredients that can ensure the well-being of your animal

You will find in our preparations designed for the recovery of the horse natural ingredients such as organic silicon or probiotics. Combined with plant extracts, these are very effective in helping your pet feel better. Organic silicon ensures the proper conduct of metabolic processes, thus allowing better repair of the collagen tissue of the joints and tendons. The probiotic flora, for its part, ensures that the active ingredients of the plants we use are properly assimilated by your animal's body through good digestion. In the form of food supplements, our medicines designed for the recovery of horses are intended to be easy to ingest. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, through the site or directly by phone.


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Natural preparation for competitions, old horse, recovery, growth retardation, stimulation of breeding animals, Cushing's syndrome, natural anabolic. The benefits of organic silicon, probiotic flora in synergy with...
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