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Joint disorders in horses can be caused by multiple factors, including old age or the intensity of their exercises. Can be very painful, these ailments greatly affect the well-being of the animal, both physically and mentally.

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We give pride of place to phytotherapy

Labo Demeter offers you products composed of natural elements and adapted to the treatment of various pathologies related to the joints of equines. For the preparation of these solutions, which are manufactured in our laboratory in Spain, we mainly turn to the benefits of plants. As players in the world of phytotherapy in Europe, we give pride of place to plants to concoct the veterinary medicines that we offer you. We combine them with many other elements, such as organic silicon, probiotic flora, hyaluronic acid, marine collagen or even excipients such as sorbitol or Mg Stearate qsp.

Natural compositions with multiple properties

We develop our own natural veterinary medicines for horses and submit them to laboratory tests to ensure their effectiveness before giving them to your horses. For our compositions, we choose ingredients that do not generate any side effects that could be harmful to the well-being of the animal, but which are nevertheless known to be suitable for the treatment of joint pain in horses. For example, the level of silicon, an element already present in the body of the animal, is inevitably reduced with age, thus causing significant pain in the joints. Overcome this deficiency through organic silicon allows the repair of cartilage, skin and tendons. Aloe Vera is particularly appreciated for its anti-inflammatory properties, while marine collagen acts on the joint and tendon tissues of the animal. Discover here products that can relieve your horse of these joint pathologies.

Find a supplement to treat your horse's joint

Find in store a choice of food supplements selected for their effects on the joints of the horse. Labo Demeter offers you a list of effective, easy-to-administer horse joint supplements that will help restore the capacity of the affected joint.

A practical product against osteoarthritis in horses

The horse's age, living conditions and activities are all factors affecting its joints. Over time, these will begin to suffer from wear and tear. Prevent the problem by investing in a joint supplement for the horse. Our list of food supplements offers products intended to support the joints of the animal. We stock formulas that will sustainably preserve the cartilage and surrounding tissues.

Supplements to restore joint function

Long before osteoarthritis and pain set in, preventive action will preserve your horse's health. As a curative, these products will reveal their anti-inflammatory effects. We provide essential nutrients for cartilage health. A suitable consumption of these supplements against osteoarthritis of the horse with plants will help the affected tissues to restructure. It will also preserve and restore the elasticity of the cartilage by optimizing regeneration.


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