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Anti-stress for cats

It happens that our cats, like more and more pets today, are subjected to stress or to the symptoms of certain neurological disorders. Ensuring the well-being of your furry friend is also relieving him of these annoyances!

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A solution to the annoyances affecting your animals, whatever the cause

Labo Demeter offers you, among its selection of phytotherapeutic products developed in its laboratory in Spain, anti-stress solutions for cats in order to calm the anguish, anxiety or even aggressiveness of your animal. Like humans and other animals, cats are regularly subjected to these ailments. An anxious or nervous state in our little felines can be caused by different factors. They may, for example, develop anxiety related to transportation as well as training or aggressive behavior caused by their living environment or physical conditions. Sometimes it can just be a change of surroundings, a new smell or an unpleasant noise. The absence of a household member or a dirty litter box are also among its main sources of stress requiring the administration of a herbal remedy for stressed cats. In these types of situations, your little one will change his attitude: dilated pupils, spiky hairs and tachycardia. We offer here phytotherapic products for anxious cats, which can be administered to them on an ad hoc basis or continuously, depending on their needs and their general condition.

The beneficial effects of herbal medicine for cats

At Labo Demeter, our vocation is to highlight the healing benefits of plants against traditional pharmaceutical drugs which can be, in many cases, harmful to the well-being of your animal. Thus, we prepare all our herbal products for anxious cats from plants known for their positive effects on the body of mammals. With the aim of helping your cats release their tensions, we use ingredients such as linden whose components produce tranquilizing effects and reduce the anxiety state of your four-legged friend: valerian, known for its ability to treat sleep disorders, passionflower, intended to treat anxiety or even St. John's Wort, a plant widely used by herbalists for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorders. Discover here all the anti-stress solutions for cats you need! Our laboratory provides you with a selection of natural products, known to be without side effects. These elements are ingested very easily since they integrate perfectly into your pet's daily diet. This point is essential for anxious felines and allows them to offer them appreciable well-being in all circumstances. By giving them herbal medicine for stressed cats, you will help improve their condition in the long term. As you know, anxiety can generate many other disorders that can prove dangerous in the long run.

Our know-how to improve the comfort of your animal

Our goal is above all to de-stress your cat in the best possible way with natural solutions and without harmful effects for him. Labo Demeter is a team of passionate and committed veterinarians for the comfort of your pet's life. On our site, complete an information form to obtain our targeted advice and tailor-made anti-stress treatment for cats. If you have any questions, we remain at your disposal to direct you to references that are perfectly suited to the condition of your hairball, regardless of its breed, age and background. To go further, remember to consult the product sheets of our articles where you will find the list of components used in our recipes. You can also turn to testimonials from our customers that attest to the effectiveness of our herbal products for anxious cats. Is your feline showing obvious signs of stress or going to be subjected to a change of environment soon? Contact us now, we would love to help you!


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For Dogs and Cats Natural neurological regulator, nervousness, anti-stress, training, transport for dogs and cats. Natural complementary food based on Linden, Valeriane, Passionflower and St. John's Wort. Cat : 1...
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