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Diabetes and overweight in cats

Treatment of diabetes in cats: discover Labo Demeter's phytotherapeutic solution

A natural treatment for the management of diabetes in cats? Give the homeopathic treatment for diabetes from the Demeter lab cat for a fast result and without side effects.

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A natural remedy for the treatment of diabetes in cats

A chronic disease in humans, diabetes is also a disease that affects domestic carnivores, cats in particular. Diabetes mellitus is the form frequently encountered in cats. It is a pathology characterized by the presence of too much sugar (glucose) in the blood, a lack of insulin causing difficulties of assimilation. Feline diabetes is then manifested by a permanent need to drink water and therefore more frequent and more abundant urination. Weight loss will also be observed in diabetic cats, notwithstanding a more voracious appetite.

Diabetes of cats must be taken care of in time, as soon as the first signs appear in order to avoid the risk of complications which can be life-threatening for your companion. This management then involves analyses, specific treatment and the adoption of a rigorous diet. One of the most popular treatments is the injection of insulin, which is associated with significant side effects, namely hypoglycemia and weight gain.

Labo Demeter, on the other hand, offers a treatment for diabetes in cats without insulin based on herbal medicine. Without consequences on the health of the animal, this natural treatment guarantees a fast and effective action.

Diabetic cat natural treatment with a food supplement from Labo Demeter

Phytotherapy and veterinary homeopathy laboratory since 2004, Labo Demeter develops a variety of natural health products for animals. The treatment of cat diabetes is one of the specialties of the laboratory. For this purpose, it offers a food supplement for thin or overweight cats, allowing to obtain an ideal body weight and to stabilize the animal's blood sugar level. This remedy naturally cures diabetes in cats. Labo Demeter food supplements are made from Fenugreek extract, a spice well known for its ability to lower blood sugar levels.

Labo Demeter's natural anti-diabetic remedy for cats also includes other medicinal plants, in particular Ginseng and Gymnema, as well as brewer's yeast whose richness in probiotics and micronutrients strengthens the organic functions and the well-being of the cat. The effectiveness of our treatment against cat diabetes is thus increased, because of its action on the cat's glucose level, but above all because of its positive effect on the whole body of the feline.

The dietary supplement as a treatment for diabetes in cats in homeopathy

Our food supplements for thin and overweight cats are also used as a homeopathic treatment against diabetes in cats. By regulating the animal's blood sugar and weight and improving its digestive functions, homeopathy and our natural remedies for feline diabetes act directly on the precursor factors and symptoms of diabetes in cats. In addition, their natural composition guarantees use without risk or harmful side effects. Labo Demeter veterinary food supplements have a good palatability which facilitates their administration to the animal.


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