Cat medicine and herbal medicine

Whatever their age or breed, cats have particularly fragile health. From intestinal disorders to parasitic dermatitis, the ailments that can affect them are numerous. Fortunately there are natural and organic solutions. What if you turned to a natural cat medicine for better healing?

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Healthy and natural medicines for your cat

Good nutrition is not always enough to keep your little furball healthy and fit. Labo Demeter is aware of this and provides you with a wide range of veterinary medicines for cats with an excellent composition. Our teams work out and develop solutions perfectly adapted to your animal, directly in our laboratory. If necessary, our specialists are at your disposal to guide you towards the best products.

A veterinary cat product suitable for your pet

Our departments are complete and meet all your needs… and those of your adorable companion! By being attentive to his behavior, be sure to detect the problem weighing on his physical and mental form. Cats are often prone to health problems related to digestion and remain susceptible to intestinal worms. We also offer healthy and effective preparations to relieve age-related or joint pain in cats. Among the most popular medications for cats are those that restore stress, which can greatly disrupt your pet's behavior. Our products fully promote his well-being all year round!

Taking care of your cat with plants is possible!

To keep your little feline in good shape, it is essential not to give him anything. Natural alternatives are increasingly favored for treating animals, which is why we specialize in herbal medicine for the production of our veterinary products for cats. It's proven: plants are full of benefits for people ... but also for animals!


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