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Diabetes and overweight in dogs

Diabetic or overweight dogs: how to react?

As in humans, weight gain in animals has adverse consequences on their health. Each owner must pay particular attention to the weight and morphology of his dog. To make him feel good, follow some tips and advice to help him lose weight or keep his weight in shape. 

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What are the causes of overweight dogs?

Before putting your dog on a diet, it is above all a matter of understanding the cause of his overweight. While overeating, sterilization, or lack of physical activity are the most common causes, there may be other reasons for excess fat storage.

For example, hormonal diseases like diabetes or hypothyroidism naturally cause weight gain. The same goes for some medications like corticosteroids. Before reducing your dog's rations or simply changing his diet, see a veterinarian to check his health. 

What are the risks of being overweight or having diabetes in dogs?

Dog's overweight can cause several health problems : 

  • Musculoskeletal problems over time, your dog will have more and more difficulty moving around on a daily basis. And if he has osteoarthritis, his excess weight may make his disease worse. 
  • Heart problems : the fat accumulated in the blood vessels can cause breathing problems or heart problems. 
  • Digestive issues : your dog will have regular gas and increased constipation.  
  • Decreased resistance : your dog's overweight may be more susceptible to infections. In the most serious cases, it is also less resistant to tumors. 
  • Diabetes : this disease affects his whole body. To keep him healthy, injections of insulin will be necessary. 

Generally speaking, the overweight dog has a reduced life expectancy (he can lose up to two years of life). So if you want to keep your dog in good shape for as long as possible, here are some tips to apply now. 

How to make your dog lose weight?

As with humans, animals can also be on a diet.

Take care of his diet to help him lose weight 

Many owners get into the habit of giving their pets their leftover food. However, these snacks tend to facilitate weight gain (and create a dietary imbalance). So to start to lose weight your dog, it is better to put an end to his bad habits.

Beyond snacking, it is possible to choose foods adapted to your weight. Your veterinarian can therefore offer you low-fat foods that will help him lose weight gradually. These are less concentrated in fat, while providing the necessary vitamins and minerals.

But be careful, this is not about starving your dog. If you think he is eating too much, you can cut back on the rations, but not more than 20% or you might get frustrated. The goal is above all to adopt good eating habits gently.

As soon as your dog has reached his ideal weight, you can resume a normal diet, taking care to limit excess. 

Physically stimulate your dog

In addition to a balanced diet, physical activity is also essential. If you have a garden, there is a great temptation to be content with that space to get it out. However, your pet does need to exert himself and will tend to do so much more when going outside his usual perimeter. So you need to go out with him, ideally every day, so that he can run and shed the excess fat. When you're not going out, get him moving in the garden with a ball, stick or Frisbee.

Even if your dog is reaching his ideal weight, it is advisable to continue to exercise him regularly. On the one hand, it eliminates all of its calories. On the other hand, it contributes to his well-being. 

Using food supplements

In addition to regular physical activity and a healthy diet, do not hesitate to give your dog suitable food supplements, such as Glucoregul from Labo Demeter. It is the ideal treatment for dogs with diabetes. And for good reason, Glucoregul helps him regulate his carbohydrate level. 


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