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Dog's skin / hair

Your dog may be prone to skin disorders during his lifetime. These can take the form of eczema, allergies, itching, or even hair loss.

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Put the benefits of herbal medicine on your pet's side

There are now several ways to treat your pet for these inconveniences, including natural solutions, as we offer you at Labo Demeter. Our ambition is to provide you with the benefits of herbal medicine for the treatment of your pet's ailments. Thus, for the composition of our veterinary drugs we choose plants and other natural elements whose effectiveness is proven when it comes to treating skin and hair problems in our animals. Each of the components chosen acts on your animal's body without subjecting it to side effects that could adversely affect its well-being.

Sulfur, silicon, probiotics and natural excipients are some of our ingredients

With age, your dog may be deficient in various elements essential to the composition of certain body tissues, such as skin and hair. This is particularly sulfur or silicon. Therefore, we do not fail to add these elements to our preparations in order to compensate for the lack which affects the health of your four-legged friend. We also add other elements to facilitate the assimilation of the active ingredients of the multiple ingredients that we use. Probiotics, for example, improve the intestinal flora of the animal by neutralizing toxins that endanger its body. Our products are in the form of food supplements with a high palatability rate thanks to the use of certain natural excipients. Discover all our offers in this area here!


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For Dogs and Cats . Natural detoxifier, desensitizer. Eczema, allergic dermatosis, itching, hair loss and digestive problems in dogs and cats. The effectiveness of a traditional product, Haarlem oil providing Sulfur...
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For Dogs and Cats Adjuvant in osteoarthritis, joint pain, problems of old age, fractures and the growth of large breeds, beneficial to the arteries and the skin for dog and cat. The strength of pure organic silicium,...
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