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Skin disorders can affect your cat throughout his life and affect his well-being. It can, for example, be prone to hair loss, itching, allergies, eczema, etc. Fortunately, several treatments have been developed over time to overcome these conditions.

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Our herbal products for the well-being of your animal

At Labo Demeter, you can find natural solutions specially designed for your four-legged friends. Prepared from plants and other natural elements proven to be effective in treating skin and hair diseases that may affect these animals. Each of the elements found in our veterinary products has the ability to act on your animal's body without subjecting it to side effects that could adversely affect its well-being. Discover here the phytotherapic products that we offer!

We use highly curative natural ingredients in the manufacture of our medicines

During their lifetime, cats can be prone to a deficiency in various elements essential for the synthesis of several tissues of their organism. Organic silicon and sulfur, which are among the ingredients that we use in these veterinary products, are necessary for the composition of the skin and hair of your animals. This addition is used, for example, to compensate for the lack of these essential elements normally already present in the body during the old days of your four-legged friends. We also use probiotics, the role of which is to enhance the intestinal flora of bacteria useful for the assimilation of the active ingredients of the various components used in our medicines. Discover here preparations accessible in the form of highly palatable food supplements thanks to the natural excipients that we use.


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For Dogs and Cats . Natural detoxifier, desensitizer. Eczema, allergic dermatosis, itching, hair loss and digestive problems in dogs and cats. The effectiveness of a traditional product, Haarlem oil providing Sulfur...
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For Dogs and Cats Adjuvant in osteoarthritis, joint pain, problems of old age, fractures and the growth of large breeds, beneficial to the arteries and the skin for dog and cat. The strength of pure organic silicium,...
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