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Horse medication and equine herbal medicine

Natural food supplements for your horse

All mammals, including horses, are subject to various diseases during their lifetime. Nervousness, intestinal disorders or joint pain are among the ailments that can affect them. The health of these animals requires special attention.

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Natural and safe solutions

Whether it is to help him recover following a series of intensive exercises, to relieve him of his joint disorders, a state of stress, cough, or to strengthen his functional immune system, Labo Demeter offers you here various products based on elements drawn from nature. Reliable, our compositions are proven and come in the form of quality solutions devoid of harmful side effects. Although we base our veterinary medicines for horses mainly on plant extracts, these can also include other elements that contribute greatly to the health of your equines!

Various effective components for the good health of your animal!

Within this section dedicated to the well-being of horses, you will discover various curative preparations extolling the merits of plants: Aloe Vera, Symphytum officinale, black radish, Lespedeza Capitata, Cardoon, Linden, Valerian, Passiflora, St. John's Wort, grapefruit seeds, Harpagophytum, etc. Marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, magnesium sulphate, spirulina, various excipients and many others are also found among the ingredients we use for the preparation of our natural medicines for horses. We also make use of organic silicon and probiotics, which are already in your animal's body to help you keep it in good shape, because over the years some horses can suffer from a deficiency in these two elements. . For the preparation of our equine phytotherapeutic solutions we combine the most suitable components for the treatment of the various ailments that can affect these animals. In addition, we ensure that our products, in the form of a food supplement for horses, have a high level of palatability. Discover them today on our website!

A variety of natural horse care products

Labo Demeter offers various healthy and natural treatments to ensure the well-being of your horses. It is a complete range of food supplements for horses applicable to the various ailments that can occur during the life of equines. You will find natural food supplements to treat the horse's cough, skin allergies, hair and skin conditions, digestive disorders, joint and muscle problems, weak locomotor functions, kidney failure, behavioral disorders , food and drug poisoning, etc. We also offer natural anabolics to stimulate horse growth and performance.

The composition of these different products is essentially based on extracts of medicinal plants for horses and various micronutrients. Similarly, probiotics are part of the composition of the majority of our food supplements for horses with a view to acting on the digestive flora which positively impacts the balance of the whole equine organism. Thereby, horse homeopathy offers a comprehensive action on equine health


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For Dogs and Cats Gel ointment for painful joints, more effective on mastitis as an adjuvant treatment, its formula combines organic silicon with marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera and seaweed extracts in a...
(7 reviews)
Natural food supplement for equine cough "Gel syrup" against horse cough, easy to administer thanks to its palatability, its original formula allows it to treat acute or chronic coughs, emphysema by the association of...
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Natural food supplement for horse allergies Skin allergies (summer dermatitis), skin and hair problems, stimulates the growth of the horn. Digestive problems of food origin of the horse. Depurative, desensitizing,...
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(10 reviews)
Natural food supplement for joint problems and anti-inflammatory for horses Natural product, effective for the maintenance, the shaping, the restoration of the locomotor functions, the treatment of osteoarthritis of...
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Natural food supplement for renal failure in horses Acute or chronic renal failure, edemas, food or drug poisoning, prevention in competition horses subjected to high calorie diets. Phytotherapic food supplement...
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Natural complementary food for horse stress Phytotherapeutic food supplement intended to manage in the horse the manifestations of nervousness, fear during training, transport, weaning ... Its composition combining...
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Natural preparation for competitions, old horse, recovery, growth retardation, stimulation of breeding animals, Cushing's syndrome, natural anabolic. The benefits of organic silicon, probiotic flora in synergy with...
(12 reviews)
Natural care for joints, tendons, skin problems and wounds in the horse Natural gel ointment for joints and tendons, effective among other things on evolving suros, its formula combines organic silicon with marine...
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