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Immune reinforcement

Protecting your horse from poisoning is very important to ensure good health. Some of these animals are even subjected to high calorie diets in order to prepare them for the various competitions in the equestrian world. It is therefore essential to ensure that their body can resist this type of attack.

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Effective remedies to treat different ailments

It is with this in mind that Labo Demeter offers you its medicinal solutions designed to strengthen your animal's immune system; products allowing him to cope with the annoyances that this type of conditions can generate. This includes treating his kidney failure, whether acute or chronic, his edema, his intoxication from the food and other products he ingests. Present on the veterinary herbal medicine market in Europe, we offer you natural means to treat the ailments of your equines.

An appetizing food supplement containing various plants

At Labo Demeter, we mainly value the contributions of nature for the health of our animals. The use of plants and other elements to boost your horse's immune system is of great benefit to him. By choosing our medicines, you will be able to treat your animal without harmful side effects. When a horse is affected by ailments of this type, it finds itself in a particularly vulnerable state. It is important not to overwhelm him more with the inconvenience that can be caused by using chemicals sold in pharmacies. By focusing on herbal medicine, you will be able to treat your horses without subjecting them to these annoyances. In the form of an appetizing powder, our food supplements based on Lespedeza capitata, Cynara Cardunculus flavescens or Raphanus raphanistrum, designed for their immune reinforcement, know how to be effective against attacks on the organism of these animals.


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