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The chronic cough poses a real danger for the health of the horse since it often announces respiratory problems. At Labo Demeter, we have the ambition to design and distribute effective and animal-friendly drug solutions.

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Plant extracts and other elements are found in our products

To help them get better while ensuring their well-being during the treatment, we prepare in our establishment located in Spain, products without harmful side effects. A major player in herbal medicine in the veterinary field, we highlight the multiple benefits that plants contain to help you overcome your horse's cough. We combine several plant extracts with their own specificities and whose effectiveness has been proven by laboratory development. In the form of syrup-gel, these preparations are easy to ingest thanks to the use of natural excipients with a pleasant taste. We also look to other elements for our manufacturing.

The benefits of plants on equine health

To ensure the effectiveness of our horse cough suppressant, we have selected ingredients known for their cough benefits. We use grapefruit seed extracts as well as eucalyptus and pine essential oils, as well as natural excipients such as guar and honey. Each of these elements is important for the treatment of this disorder in the horse. Grapefruit seed extracts, for example, help fight infections while preventing damage to the intestinal flora of the animal. The essential oils of pine and eucalyptus, on the other hand, stimulate the expulsion of mucus from the bronchi and dilate the latter for better breathing. You have questions ? Don't hesitate to post them on our site's live chat!


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Natural food supplement for equine cough "Gel syrup" against horse cough, easy to administer thanks to its palatability, its original formula allows it to treat acute or chronic coughs, emphysema by the association of...
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