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Cat rejuvenation

Aging in cats, as in many of our pets, brings its share of annoyances. It is essential to pay attention to it, to prepare your cat for aging and to relieve him of the disorders that may affect him so that he can enjoy his old age with peace of mind.

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An aging cat: warning signs

From the age of 7 or 8, a cat can be considered to be senior. This does not mean, however, that it is at the end of its life, quite the contrary! However, an aging cat is more prone to certain pathologies such as osteoarthritis, diabetes, hyperthyroidism or chronic renal failure. In some cases, tumors can appear and bother him for the long term. As a master, you must pay attention to his general state of health in order to make his life as easy as possible. Properly preparing your cat for aging is essential to fight against depression, eating and behavioral disorders directly impacting its comfort and well-being. Several signs tell you that your little companion is entering an old age phase. First of all, you can trust its coat: the duller or even the drier it is, the more you will have to take over and give it a complete and regular wash. Significant weight loss indicates a concern with the digestive system, just as a strong thirst in cats can be synonymous with dehydration. In order to prevent these weakenings, we offer herbal medicine products for the aging of the cat.

A phytotherapic solution recognized as anti-aging for cats

Labo Demeter helps you ensure the good health of your four-legged companions by providing you with veterinary solutions designed for cat rejuvenation. Our products are prepared in our laboratory in Spain, where we test the effectiveness of the natural ingredients we use. By innovating in the veterinary herbal medicine market, our ambition is to help you take care of your hairball with products that will not make it suffer the inconvenience often involved in the use of drugs with chemical compounds. We help you prepare for your cat's aging thanks to solutions known to be effective and without harmful side effects for him.

Phytotherapy products for cat rejuvenation adapted to yours

So that your little companions find all their joy of living, Labo Demeter favors guaranteed solutions without harmful side effects for their organism. To do this, we use plants and other elements directly taken from nature. To contribute to the good health of your animal, we use, for example, wild yam. This plant is known for its high levels of DHEA, an essential element in your cat's body and which unfortunately may be lacking in the last years of life. In our preparations designed for cat rejuvenation, we also use probiotic flora, whose properties help neutralize toxins in the animal's body, and organic silicon which promotes the synthesis of different tissues. You can order directly from the product concerned and if you still have doubts, we invite you to consult the testimonials of our customers concerning our phytotherapy products for the rejuvenation of the cat!


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For Dogs and Cats Anti-aging treatment for old dogs and cats based on wild yam rich in D.H.E.A, omega 3 fatty acids, silicium and probiotics. Cure of youth without side effects, giving our four-legged friends the joy...
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