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Dog rejuvenation


Aging is part of the life of all living things, including our most loyal friends: our dogs. And old age often brings its share of troubles!

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Signs of dog aging

The first signs of old age appear around the age of 9 for small dogs, 8 years for medium-sized dogs and 6 years for large dogs. With the aging of the dog comes changes in its organism, just like in humans. We can see various changes during canine aging such as graying hairs that appear, difficulty moving or incontinence problems. These changes are sometimes linked to the onset of several ailments such as joint problems, weakened kidneys and intestines, a dull coat, and increased susceptibility to disease. Fortunately, the dog's aging process does not happen overnight! So you can help your dog and adapt his lifestyle, diet and care to support him in the best possible way in his old age. In order to prevent this weakening and to help your dog during this period, we offer herbal medicine products based on natural extracts to promote the rejuvenation of the dog.

An effective phytotherapic solution for our dog friends

These animals have a much shorter life expectancy than ours. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that they can enjoy their old age in good health. Labo Demeter, which continues to innovate in the field of veterinary herbal medicine, offers its help through the design and provision of natural rejuvenation products designed specifically for our canine friends. Our solutions are made in our laboratory in Spain and are made from only natural ingredients. Our ambition is to help you take care of your animal and ensure its zest for life with products that will not harm its well-being, as is often the case with products made up of various chemical elements. Of course, there is no miracle solution, quite simply because the aging of your four-legged friend is irreversible and normal ... However, Labo Demeter can help your animal with herbal preparations to promote rejuvenation of the dog. Our healthy and effective preparations will help your pets better endure pain, limit the spread of osteoarthritis, maintain a beautiful coat, fight uremia and can be combined with veterinary treatment for the dog's natural aging.

We choose the right ingredients for your animals

In order to help you take care of your dogs while avoiding subjecting them to products with harmful side effects, we favor the use of plants and other natural elements. For example, we take advantage of the high levels of DHEA contained in wild yam to compensate for a deficiency in this element in dogs. Labo Demeter also uses organic silicon and probiotics in many of its products. To give your dog a rejuvenation cure, we add organic silicon which may be lacking in his body during his later years. This helps in the synthesis of different tissues while the probiotic flora helps neutralize toxins. If necessary, do not hesitate to contact us on the chat module accessible from all our pages so that we can provide you with information and guide you to a treatment to promote the rejuvenation of the dog. We also invite you to contact us by email, mail or phone as well as on our veto-advice form!


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For Dogs and Cats Anti-aging treatment for old dogs and cats based on wild yam rich in D.H.E.A, omega 3 fatty acids, silicium and probiotics. Cure of youth without side effects, giving our four-legged friends the joy...
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