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Immune reinforcement

Stimulating and regulating your dog's immune system is an important step in keeping your dog in good shape. These days there are natural ways to strengthen your pet's body against a variety of diseases that can affect them throughout their life.

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Regulate its defense mechanisms through a herbal treatment ...

At Labo Demeter, you can access solutions made from plants and other natural elements chosen for their ability to act as effective immunoregulators for our animal friends. Choosing natural veterinary products also helps avoid subjecting our furry friends to the harmful side effects that accompany the use of chemical compounds sold in pharmacies. We choose plants that can improve their defense mechanism and help them fight poisoning, liver and kidney failure, allergies, viral diseases, cancers, autoimmune disorders, etc.

Various natural elements contribute to the health of your pet

Labo Demeter offers you here its veterinary preparations in the form of food supplements in tablets or liquid solutions to be administered by spoon or syringe. Among the different natural ingredients that we use for their properties conducive to strengthening your dog's immune system, you will find Chimera liver oil, Organic Silicon, Aloe Vera, grapefruit seeds, Lespedeza Capitata, Cynara Cardunculus flavescens or Raphanus raphanistrum. Through the use of these different components, we offer you products capable of acting on both the kidneys and the liver of the animal. For the reinforcement of your dogs' immune system, we are continually developing drugs which are intended to be effective and which respect their well-being. Discover them all here and place your order today!


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For Dogs and Cats Complementary phytotherapeutic food for kidney and liver failure for dogs and cats. Edemas, food poisoning. Based on Lespedeza capitata, Cardon and Black radish acting in synergy on the kidneys and...
(33 reviews)
For dogs and cats Endostim is a natural stimulant and immunoregulator for dogs and cats. Endostim helps the animal's natural defenses and regulates all the processes where the immune system is disrupted: chronic...
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