Old cat : ensuring its well-being with natural products

An old cat will not always have an easy life as it did in its youth, especially because of the effects of aging. At Labo Demeter, you will find various natural products that will allow you to take care of your companion during his old age.

Natural products to take care of an old cat

You may not be able to prevent your cat from aging, but you can take the necessary precautions to give him maximum comfort in his old age. It is not only a question of preventing the effects of old age which will be more or less disabling for the animal, it is also a question of providing your old cat with the help he will need to be serene during his last years. .

Opting for drugs made from natural products and free of chemicals to treat him during his youth, and during his old age, will allow you to preserve his stomach, his kidneys and his liver. By administering appropriate food supplements, you can also delay, or limit the damage, the effects of weight for years on his health and his mind. Without major side effects and designed to be adapted to the body of elderly animals, Labo Demeter products will be your cat's aging allies.

The cat and old age

In cats, the signs of old age are relatively difficult to spot. They appear gradually around the age of 7 and get worse over time. They do not become obvious until the age of 12. Age is also synonymous with multiple pathologies for cats. Osteoarthritis and locomotor problems, chronic kidney disease, diabetes and hyperthyroidism are the most common.

Due to the discreet and not very demonstrative nature of the cat, these diseases can be difficult to recognize. Therefore, any change in appearance or behavior should alert you. His coat that dulls, less sharp senses, a lack of responsiveness to sound stimuli that previously excited him, a loss of energy, difficulty getting on his favorite chair or crossing the litter box , a refusal of contact… These are all clues that reveal that your cat is getting old.

Appropriate care for an old cat

An old cat requires special care and special attention. For example, it is important to provide him with an easily accessible sleeping place, preferably near a heat source. He will also need your help with his grooming. Indeed, with age, the cat becomes less active, loses flexibility, and spends less time grooming. Weekly brushing sessions are then essential to ensure impeccable hygiene, and to prevent him from ingesting too large a quantity of dead hair.

You will also need to adapt your diet. In this sense, Labo Demeter offers 100% natural food supplements that provide the old cat with all the nutritional elements he needs to cope well with the disorders inseparable with age. We also provide you with various skincare products to help relieve everyday ailments: poor digestion, joint pain, etc.

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