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Healing cream for cats - Siladog

Healing cream for cats

Healing cream for cats, an ideal solution for treating skin wounds in your precious feline companions. Designed to act deep within the epidermal tissue, this cream offers valuable assistance in the skin regeneration process. Thanks to its soothing and restorative properties, it is used successfully to optimize healing time and promote a lasting soothing effect.

Discover the ideal balm to take care of your cat's wounds, which offers simple use and beneficial results.

Offer your companion the benefit of optimal skin regeneration with our healing cream, an essential ally for their health and well-being.

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How to heal a cat's wound?

Are you looking for the ideal remedy to promote healing of your dear feline companion's wounds? Do not look any further !

Siladog, from Labo Demeter, is a healing cream specially formulated to accelerate the healing process in cats. This product is perfectly suited to your pet's delicate skin, containing restorative ingredients to prevent irritation.

Daily application of Siladog to the affected area provides rapid assistance in skin repair while minimizing itching and potential risks. This balm's unique formula combines powerful healing agents to promote optimal healing while providing immediate relief.

In addition to its healing properties, this cream constitutes a valuable resource for the skin well-being of your cat, providing it with a clean, healthy and impeccable surface.

Offer your feline companion the best healing with Siladog, Labo Demeter's solution for effective healing and healthy skin.

Siladog: the natural solution to promote wound healing in animals!

Discover Siladogthe natural and effective answer for healing wounds in your faithful companion!

This ointment has been specially formulated to promote healing of wounds in animals. Siladog's unique formula combines the benefits of organic silicon, marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and algae extracts in a fluid excipient with high penetrating power.

Thanks to its rich and balanced composition, the cream effectively contributes to wound healing, providing optimal support to accelerate wound healing processes.

Whether your pet has skin lesions, hair loss, allergic dermatoses or pyoderma, Siladog is the ideal choice to relieve and promote recovery.

Simply apply the ointment morning and evening for visible results.

Siladog offers essential support for the improvement of painful phenomena of the musculoskeletal system and helps to prevent them. As an adjuvant in the treatment of non-suturable wounds, it accelerates the healing processes, avoiding fibrosis and budding. This balm is also effective in the treatment of cracks, various skin irritations and dermatoses.

Offer the best to your four-legged companion with this natural solution to take care of him by promoting rapid and effective healing of these wounds.

Labo Demeter, expert in natural solutions for animal welfare

Labo Demeter, an expert in natural solutions for animal welfare, embodies the excellence of a family business founded in 2004 by a veterinarian and a pharmacist.

Our commitment is reflected in the offering of natural phytotherapy solutions dedicated to the care of dogs, cats and horses! With our knowledge and skills, we position ourselves as renowned players in the field of herbal medicine in Europe.

At Labo Demeter, our philosophy is based on exploiting the benefits of nature to treat diseases and relieve various ailments likely to affect our animals throughout their lives. This is why we do everything we can to research and offer plant-based products, carefully developed to meet the specific needs of your four-legged companions.

Explore our online store to place an order and discover in detail the benefits of our products dedicated to the well-being of your animals. At Labo Demeter, we are committed to working diligently to constantly improve our existing solutions and explore new approaches, always with the aim of protecting the health and well-being of your animals.

Trust our expertise to offer your companions a healthy and fulfilling life. Labo Demeter, your trusted partner in the search for natural solutions for the well-being of your animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to worry about a cat's wound?

It is essential to monitor your cat's wound carefully for any signs of concern. Here are some pointers to help you decide when to worry:

  • If the wound appears deep or was caused by a bite;
  • If the wound shows no signs of improvement after a few days;
  • If your cat exhibits behavioral changes such as lethargy, loss of appetite or irritability;
  • If the wound is bleeding profusely and doesn't seem to stop.

How do I know if my cat's wound is infected?

Infections can occur if a wound is not properly treated. Here are some signs that could indicate an infection:

  • Increased redness and swelling around the wound;
  • Presence of purulent discharge or pus;
  • An unpleasant odor coming from the wound;
  • The wound is hot to the touch;
  • Your cat is constantly licking the wound excessively.

If you observe any of these signs, it is recommended that you promptly consult a veterinarian for advice and appropriate treatment.


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