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How to strengthen my dog's immune defenses in a natural way?

How to strengthen my dog's immune defenses in a natural way?

How to strengthen my dog's immune defenses in a natural way?

Like humans, animals and dogs rely on a strong immune system to stay fit and limit disease and infection by identifying and destroying invading microorganisms. These, often bacteria and viruses or even chemicals, attack one or more organs, muscles or other parts of your dog. If your faithful companion can defend himself, his immune system may be less efficient on an ad hoc or permanent basis. Your dog will then need a gentle solution to stimulate his defenses. Labo Demeter, veterinary herbal medicine laboratory, explains how to strengthen your dog's immune defenses in a natural and effective way!

The role of your dog's immune system

If certain breeds of dog have particular provisions as for their immune defenses, Australian Shepherds, Labradors and other Jack Russell all have a very similar immune system. A functioning immune system protects your pet from disease and infection. From the very first hours of his life and a breast milk rich in powerful antibodies (colostrum), the dog defends itself against these attacks. This ability is strong and essential protection to enjoy a long and happy life by your side.

However, certain accidents in life, environmental problems or bad habits will tend to weaken your pet's immune system.

  • Stress and anxiety : the causes of stress are numerous (phobia, unpleasant smells, noise, changes in routine, etc.)
  • Everyday illness or infection
  • Age : the immune system deteriorates over the years, an older dog will get sick more often
  • Bad food : food must provide the minerals and vitamins necessary for excellent immune defenses
  • Allergies : Even though the origin of the allergy is harmless, the dog's body reacts and reduces its defense capacity
  • Operations : In order to heal and regain its shape quickly, the immune system fights against pathogens and weakens.
  • Medication : drug treatment weakens the dog's immune defenses

How to recognize a weakened immune system in dogs?

It often seems impossible for an owner to determine if their dog has a functioning immune system. Rest assured, taking a closer look you will find the signs that do not deceive:

  • Loss of energy
  • Low appetite
  • Frequent illnesses and infections
  • Different behavior

Do not hesitate to monitor your dog and speak with your veterinarian, he can examine your animal and confirm or deny the diagnosis.

Strengthen your dog's immune defenses naturally

In order to help your dog strengthen his immune system, it is recommended that you follow a few recommendations.

First of all, it is essential to identify the causes of a weakened immune system in your dog and to preserve it. Thus, provide it with a varied food rich in nutrients that will give it essential elements for its immune strengthening. Food is all the more important at certain stages of his life, such as his first few months or when your dog is getting older. Also watch your dog's healthy weight!

The other possibility is the use of herbal medicine. Labo Demeter has developed a natural and healthy product: Endostim.

Endostim acts as a stimulant and a natural immune regulator. The effects facilitate the proper functioning of the system and regulate the immune processes in the case of chronic infections, viroses, cancers, gingivitis ... Your dog has natural help strengthening your dog's immunity!

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