Endostim - Immunity Dog and Cat

For dogs and cats

Endostim is a natural stimulant and immunoregulator for dogs and cats. Endostim helps the animal's natural defenses and regulates all the processes where the immune system is disrupted: chronic infections, viral diseases, cancers, gingivitis, allergies, calicivirosis, FIV (cat AIDS).

This product, developed by the veterinarians of the animal herbal medicine laboratory Labo Demeter, is based on the combined and synergistic effects of Aloe Vera, grapefruit seed extracts, Chimera liver oil and Organic Silicon.

Dosage : 1 / 2ml per kilos per day

Duration of treatment : 1 to 3 months

250ml bottle : € 27.00

500ml bottle : € 48.00

Made in France
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Natural regulator of dog and cat immunity: cancers, allergies, viruses, autoimmune diseases


  • Chimera liver oil 
  • 7 per 1000 organic silicon
  • Aloe Vera, concentrated juice 
  • Concentrated grapefruit seed extracts

• USE :

In all cases where there is a need to stimulate or regulate the immune system of dogs and cats : cat leucosis, chronic viral and bacterial diseases, allergies, autoimmune diseases, gingivitis, cancers, calcivirosis, IVF (AIDS of the cat).

The immune systems of dogs and cats

From conception, your pet's immune system gradually develops. Their strengthening is done mainly thanks to the milk given by its mother during her first weeks of existence. After weaning, it's up to you, the owner, to help boost its natural defenses! To improve the immune system of your cat or dog, you need to ensure that they are eating well and that they exercise regularly. You can also administer probiotics appropriate to their breed, morphology and general health.

As with humans, the immune system of dogs and cats has the task of defending the organism, in particular against external aggressions. A decrease in immune defenses will make your animal more fragile and more vulnerable. This can be due to the age of your fur ball but also sometimes simply to the season! Winter is a key time to ensure that your dog and cat's immune system is boosted.

Herbal medicine for animals: towards healthy and natural solutions

The use of herbal medicine for the immune system of cats and dogs remains an excellent alternative to take care of your animal. This approach is known to be less aggressive than conventional therapeutic treatments since it is completely natural. You will appreciate administering to your animal effective remedies, effective and guaranteed without side effects. Our herbal medicine products for dogs and cats have the advantage of stimulating the immune system or regulating, depending on your pet's condition.

Labo Demeter is a phytotherapy laboratory for animals whose vocation is to relieve your little companions with solutions that are safe for them. Our customers give you their sincere testimonials that you can find now on our site. For any request, do not hesitate to contact our experienced veterinarians on our Vet-Advice page, who will answer your questions!


- 1 to 3 ml per day up to 10 kg of weight
- 5 ml from 10 to 20 kg (i.e. one teaspoon)
- 10 ml over 20 kg (i.e. a tablespoon)

By syringe (not supplied) or spoon directly into the mouth or mixed with food. Shake well before use, as the emulsion is not stabilized by a chemical additive. The doses can be doubled in the most severe cases. A 3-month intake is necessary.


  • .


In a cool place, protected from light.


Chimera Liver Oil The Chimera or Ratfish is a fish from the shark family, whose liver contains alkylglycerols, natural compounds that have powerful immunostimulatory properties.

Aloe Vera: its anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory properties are well known, linked to its very rich composition: polysaccharides, flavonoids, alkaloids (in particular barbaloins, isobarbaloin), Tannins, vitamins, enzymes (in particular bradykinase with immunostimulating power) all in a ratio of synergy.

Organic Silicon : It acts as a locomotive product, adjuvanting other components, and in addition, it has effects on the immune system.

Grapefruit seed extracts : it is a natural antibiotic that does not destroy the probiotic flora but acts on more than 800 bacteria and fungi, especially by preventing their proliferation.


Natural complementary food.


Bottle of 500 ml.

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Based on 33 reviews

  • 5

    formidable produit

  • 5

    Une valeur sûre . Effets visibles au bout d’une semaine déjà…

  • 3

    Très bon produit mais la rupture de stock a créer trois semaines de retard à la livraison par contre le produit a été immédiatement à la commande pas très cavalier la façon de faire

  • 5

    trés bon produit sur dermatite malassezia

  • 5

    Très bon avis

  • 1

    A ce jour, après plus d'1 mois d'utilisation, je n'ai pas vu d'amélioration de l'état de santé de mon animal.

  • 5

    Ma chienne va mieux

  • 4

    Pour un chat errant que j'ai récupéré avec une grosse crise de calcivirus et suite à son passage chez le vétérinaire, j'ai complété (cure toujours en cours) avec ENDOSTIM tous les jours dans sa patée. Il a bien récupéré et j'espère limiter les crises en stimulant ses défenses immunitaires avec ce produit d'autant que j'ai deux autres chats et je ne voudrais pas qu'ils soient contaminés par le calcivirus (ils sont vaccinés).

  • 5

    Tres bon produit pour chat fiv, plus de coryza. Une cure par an

  • 5

    Top évite les antibiotiques et sans effet secondaire

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