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If you are looking for an anti-inflammatory product for horses that is as effective as it is safe, you can contact Labo Demeter which offers a line of care and natural remedies that will allow you to treat the various ailments of your animal without resorting to products. chemical.

anti inflammatoire naturel cheval
Anti-inflammatory for horse

Treat your horse with herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is an alternative medicine that can work wonders for both animals and humans. In fact, some animals heal themselves in the wild with plants dictated by their instincts. Observing their behaviors in their natural environment has led scientists to use them to manufacture natural medicines for animals.

Thus, laboratories such as Labo Demeter have specialized in the design and production of products and specific treatments based on natural products such as anti-inflammatory for horses, dogs and cats, but also specific treatments to take charge of their small and great ailments on a daily basis. By choosing these natural remedies for your horse, you avoid giving him products that contain chemicals whose side effects could cause him other health concerns. However, it is always recommended to seek the expertise of a professional therapist before administering any medication.

Opt for a natural anti-inflammatory for your horse

As the years go by, the horse will see its silicon level drop significantly and will not be able to fill this deficiency with a normal diet. Consider administering an anti-inflammatory as a dietary supplement as soon as you notice any discomfort in your horse's movement, the onset of swelling in the joints or even crackles when moving around. Also administer an anti-inflammatory for horses in winter, as the cold worsens the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

One of the main advantages of choosing a natural anti-inflammatory for the horse is the absence of side effects and the risk of intolerance to certain chemicals. In addition, it should be noted that herbal medicine products constitute a very interesting alternative against restrictions in the context of the fight against doping. It is thus authorized to use a natural anti-inflammatory to optimize the physical preparation of a competition horse when many drugs are prohibited.

Hipposil, an effective natural anti-inflammatory for horses

Developed according to the principles of phytotherapy, HIPPOSIL is a natural anti-inflammatory for horses offered by Labo Demeter. It is mainly composed of organic silicon, spirulina and a combination of plants with analgesic and anti-rheumatic properties such as harpagophytum. This food supplement can be administered as a preventive measure to slow down osteo-articular disorders due to old age. HIPPOSIL is also used as a cure to treat lameness, osteoarthritis and tendonitis problems or to help the horse recover more quickly from an injury or trauma to the cartilage of the joints. . Thus, the use of a natural anti-inflammatory will help preserve your horse's performance for longer.

anti inflammatoire naturel cheval

Hipposil for horse



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