Itching in horses : which products to use to calm them?

The itchy rash can make it nervous and cause pimples or irritation to appear on its skin. If you don't feel like using chemical-based remedies to relieve your pet, you can turn to Labo Demeter, which offers effective drugs made with natural products.

What can cause itching in horses?

Itching in horses can have various origins. This can of course be an allergic reaction to insect bites or parasites that the animal shelters on its skin or in its coat, or an allergic reaction to food or medicinal products or to elements that are in its environment. But it can also be caused by intolerance to certain foods or drugs or indicate the presence of internal parasites.

A horse that suffers from itching can become particularly nervous and dangerous especially if the attacks occur when it is ridden. In order to prevent accidents and provide relief to the animal, it is recommended that the causes of the problem be investigated by a veterinarian, or by an experienced therapist. The professional will be able, after having made his diagnosis, to propose an adequate treatment. He may offer both oral medications and ointments based on natural products to calm the itching.

Some tips to prevent allergic itching in horses

Allergic itchy rashes in horses are caused by a reaction to a protein in the saliva of insects, especially Culididae midges. It should be noted that not all horses are affected by this allergy. Allergic reactions are manifested by the appearance of itching, and frequent scratching causes hair loss, damage to the skin, the appearance of scales, and the ulceration of the skin becomes thicker. These seasonal skin conditions mainly affect the neck, head and rump of the animal.

To prevent itching in the horse, it is strongly recommended to use repellents to repel insects in boxes and stables. Pastures near streams or stagnant water, which are the breeding grounds for insects, should be avoided. It is important to re-enter horses to protect them and shelter them from the insects that swarm at dawn and early evening.

Natural care to fight horse itching

It is necessary to intervene at the first signs of scratching to avoid complications. However, the natural products available online can cure horse itching and even recurrent forms of equine summer dermatitis. In case of skin allergy, Labo Demeter recommends Hippo Haarlem, a completely natural product containing sulfur, organic silicon, magnesium and probiotic flora. All these components, favorable to the reinforcement of the immune system, improve the health of your horse and promote his well-being on a daily basis.

This vanilla scented powder promotes palatability and works quickly to heal horse itching. This natural product also helps fight other types of skin problems, hair loss and promotes horn regrowth. If your horse participates in races and competitions, you are not likely to face doping problems by using this natural care. An experienced veterinarian will advise you and help you take better care of your pets by answering all your questions online.



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