Cat aging : cushioning the effects

Aging in cats brings its share of health concerns which can have a major impact on the daily life of the animal. Several products offered by Labo Demeter help cats, dogs and horses to age peacefully.

Herbal medicine and alternative medicine for animals

Herbal and natural medicine are among the options many humans now turn to for their well-being and health. Phytotherapy and aromatherapy, but also the use of other natural products with proven medicinal properties are thus favored by those who do not wish to use products from chemical pharmaceutical laboratories for treatment.

In recent years, veterinarians have also advocated natural care for animals. Specialized laboratories have been inspired by the behaviors of wild animals that heal themselves in nature to design remedies for all kinds of ailments that can affect domestic animals. The well-being of the latter is not left out with products (drugs and food supplements in particular) intended to help dogs, horses and cats to cope well with their aging, which is often accompanied by many health problems.

Help your cat to age in the best conditions

In addition to cerebral aging, resulting in behavioral disorders, as your cat begins to advance in age, he may suffer from various pathologies: renal failure, diabetes, tumors. Osteoarthritis pain is also common, causing more or less severe lameness, the inability to jump in your favorite chair or climb the stairs, or discomfort with every movement.

Specific treatments are offered by Labo Demeter to gently fight against the effects of aging in cats and help them get through these years in the best conditions. Based on organic silicon, DHEA, omega 3 fatty acids and probiotics, they help it regain its liveliness and joy.

Thanks to this makeover, no more acute attacks of osteoarthritis, difficulties in locomotion, cerebral senescence as well as chronic dysfunctions of the digestive system, your four-legged friend is aging peacefully.

Labo Demeter, leader in natural anti-aging veterinary products

To preserve the well-being and good health of your senior cat, but also of your dog, your horses, ponies, etc., we have developed a complete range of herbal medicine products. As part of natural medicine, they are acclaimed by a growing number of people for their efficiency and their global and harmonious approach to living beings.

Depending on the ailments and the animal species, you will find in our online store natural anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-arthritis, anti-dermatosis, anti-parasite care, etc. in the form of food supplements in tablets easy to administer.

Without side effects thanks to the absence of chemical ingredients, our treatments are no less effective, as evidenced by tests conducted by veterinarians. At the same time, we are continuing our research and development efforts in order to provide appropriate care for an ever-expanding list of animal pathologies caused by plants.



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